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 The Creative Workshop is a one-to-one creative consultation that seeks to transform the way you write for your business. If you've been meaning to dust off your website copy but don't know where to start, this workshop is for you. I'll evaluate your existing copy and content before addressing your wordy woes and highlighting key areas where you can elevate your message and reach the clients you'd love to work with.

I'm a one-man band hell-bent on finding the right words to help you live loudly and share your innate passion for what you do. It's my mission to banish the idea that parroting corporate copy and adopting a one-size-fits-all approach is the best way to write for your heart-centred biz.

From mastering your creative mindset to workshopping new ways to source content ideas, we'll explore how you can confidently write for your business and position yourself as an expert with a creative pulse without compromising your values.

The Creative Workshop is designed for purpose-driven COACHES and SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, like yourself, who are looking to:

  • discover what existing and prospective clients both want and need to hear so they can express themselves more effectively
  • reinvigorate their existing copy and content with bespoke advice from a personable pro who doesn't speak in tongues or radiate Miss Trunchball energy
  • boost their creative confidence and master their storytelling mindset so they can put themselves out there and stop hiding away
  • transform the way they approach writing for their business so they can conjure up ideas and inject their messaging with purpose without having to put on a persona or compromise their professional principles.

90-minute Zoom consultation - I'll de-mystify the challenges you've been facing by answering any burning questions you have on penning copy and/or content. We'll then workshop your existing messaging to establish actionable ways you can elevate your expression and write compelling copy that your ideal client connects with and relates to.

Creative Workshop document - You'll be sent on your way with a thorough doc filled with all of the bespoke advice and next steps we discussed during the consultation that you can refer back to time and time again for a dose of my infinite wisdom.

3 informative downloads - I'll also see you off with a selection of super helpful downloads filled with creative ideas to help kickstart your copy and content revamp -

'3 ways to shift your creative mindset', '3 ways to source content ideas ft. examples' and '3 ways to infuse your copy with personality and purpose'.

Email check-in - A month down the line, I'll check in with you via email to discuss how you're getting on with putting the aforementioned ideas into practice.

The Creative Workshop is a panacea for many ills, from eternal procrastination to relentless Googling, dull placeholder copy to mindless content devoid of personality or purpose.

By the end of the workshop experience, you'll:

  • discover how to strengthen your existing message, powerfully express your purpose and communicate effectively with both current and prospective clients
  • understand how to infuse your copy with passion and make writing for your biz work for you so you can avoid overwhelm and comparisonitis
  • establish how to create with confidence and have faith in your ideas
  • acquire answers to your burning copy questions from a seasoned pro
  • develop skills and perspectives to deepen your creativity and connection with storytelling and enrich your professional approach.

Ready to nourish your creative spirit and transform the way you approach writing for your business?

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