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Where have I been?!

Hello, I'm Bee 🌿

I'm a seasoned storyteller and creative writer based in a quiet Somerset village. 
Remember me?! I haven't posted here for an entire year. 
I do regret neglecting this space but sometimes needs must! 
I've been posting over on my Patreon twice a week, however, and you …

Things That Make Me Happy 99

piercing autumnal morning light  chillwave and cuddles with poppy to calm her firework panics finding that a tv show/film/book lives up to the hype similarly, re-reading a book & affirming your love for it supporting small businesses  underrated carnations and their enviable resilience finding accept…

End Of Year TBR

[#AD - This post contains a couple of books that I bought with a book token that was sent to me by the folk at Books Are My Bag to help celebrate #BookshopDay last month. The rest were bought by me because I deserved them. All opinions are my own and most of them are quite good.]
2020 has been a yea…

On Rediscovering My Love Of Reading

(gifted: I was sent one of the books in the above photo, All Men Want To Know, by the publisher but wasn't asked to feature it in this content. I just needed a photo for illustrative purposes). 

There was a time when my name was synonymous with books to a very, very, very, very tiny section of t…