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Where have I been?!


Hello, I'm Bee 🌿

I'm a seasoned storyteller and creative writer based in a quiet Somerset village. 

Remember me?! I haven't posted here for an entire year. 

I do regret neglecting this space but sometimes needs must! 

I've been posting over on my Patreon twice a week, however, and you can join me over there for insight into my adventures, creative process, bookish escapades & worldly advice.

I would so love to be able to do the two in tandem. Share here and there. Be able to write for free and for a small subscription each month but, realistically, I'm not there yet. Physically, mentally, or financially. But, I hope to be! 

I'm working hard to create a future that looks a lot more comfortable. A future that would serve me so much better as a chronically ill freelance copywriter, content writer and content creator. Speaking of copywriting, you can connect with me on LinkedIn and support my daily posts over there too if you'd like. 

So, what have I been doing over on Patreon

The Patreon community aids my creative storytelling endeavours and brings together a community of like-minded individuals who share a burning desire to make time for themselves and the things they love whilst free of judgement or expectations.

Patrons liken the space to a cosy corner of the internet where they can while away the hours.

❁ Everyone is welcome. 
 Be as active or inactive as you'd like.
 Subscribe for however long you wish.

There are tons of rewards, from exclusive creative lifestyle and book content to the Vivatramp Book Clubdownloadable creative guides to original scraps of writing

And there are 6 goals that we're currently working towards too:

❀ a vlog about the spoopy books & creepy thrillers on my shelves

❀ a bumper guide filled with prompts, exercises & more

❀ monthly journal prompts post for a whole year

❀ 'write with me' livestreams 

❀ a patron-only podcast 

❀ a mini poetry collection of my poems

Pick a tier & you'll also gain access to 100s of existing posts as well as the private IG & the Discord server ❀

I'm proud of the space it is becoming and would love for it to grow some more as that'll allow me to create more and also pay some more bills!

✿ What patrons say:

'I wanted to get back in touch with my creativity but I didn't really know how. Joining Bee's Patreon community has helped ease me back in with gentle, encouraging steps. It's so wonderful to discuss these things with others. It's really opened me and my imagination back up. I cancelled one of my favourite magazine subscriptions, choosing to put the money towards my Patreon subscription. It's one of the most lovely, easy changes I've made to my lifestyle lately.' - Lauren

'Joining Bee's Patreon and community has been one of the best decisions thus far. From the creative prompts to her insightful approach to every part of words, writing and reading, it's a great community to be part of to gently nurture your creative side. Plus, the Book Club is totally helping to keep me on track with my personal fictional reading goals.' - Michelle

✿ Recent posts include:

We're having a little bit of an autumnal moment. Ultimate cosy vibes!

Whilst I would love to be able to do a little bit of everything right now, I can't. 

So, I'm prioritising my Patreon as a way of building a brighter future. I hope you'll join me there! 

Tiers are between $5/£3.60 and $9/£6.60 a month.

Join the Patreon community.

Thank you to all of my patrons, past, present, and future, for supporting me and my creative endeavours. 

P.S. I do hope to return to this space so do not fret.


  1. I was so excited to see you posting on here! I am also always excited to see you posting over on Patreon. It's a win/win for me!! <3

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