My 1st Birthday!

To celebrate my first Patreon birthday, I'm running Apreon throughout the month of April.

What is Apreon?

Much like Patreonmas, but disappointingly less festive, I'll be creating and sharing posts every single day throughout the month for my patrons.

Honeybees ($5/£3.80) will get access to new posts on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Bumblebees ($7/£5.36) can expect posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Queen Bees ($9/£6.88), however, get new stuff every single day! What a time to be alive.

If you've been looking for a low-key chilled out creative community full of encouraging and supportive people, you've found us! 

I'm still planning posts for the month, so I'm more than happy to take requests, but there will be a heady mix of lifestyle, books and creativity. Brand new shiny patrons will also get access to a whole year's worth of content to read through so there will be lots to sink your teeth into!

Signing up to the tiers also gives you access to many other things too, from the private Instagram to the monthly Creative Guide. You can read more about them all on the Patreon page itself and you'll also be able to find a handful of testimonials there too.

I'm incredibly grateful for every single member of the coven and I can't wait to welcome more people to the group.

Join us!