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Books I Want To Read in 2019

Devotion by Patti Smith.
One of the newest additions to my bookshelves, this is a slim volume of Smith's musings on why and how she writes - complete with a short story. This will be read sooner rather than later. 

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.                        I was sent this book by the publisher.
Gyasi's critically-acclaimed debut was chosen for my Patreon book club so I've already delved between the pages and met the two sisters that act as the roots for this multi-generational story. This will be finished next month. 

Enigma Variations by Andre Aciman.                        I was sent this book by the publisher.
Having found a soft spot for Call Me By Your Name last summer, like everyone else on the planet, I would like to re-visit and try to replicate the memory of me bawling my eyes out on the garden decking because life and love can be so cruel.  Come at me, sadness! 

The Trip to Echo Spring: On Writers and Drinking by Olivia Laing.
One of my most treasured reading experiences over the last few years was working my way through the pages of The Lonely City. I recently found myself pacing around a bookshop, gift card in hand and overwhelmed expression on face, when I remembered that I'd sworn to pick up one of her older slices of work. This one took my fancy. 

I own over 80 unread books at this precise moment in time. I'd like to make a little dent in that number by the time 2020 rears its futuristic head.

This is just a small selection of the owned and unread books I'd like to investigate over the coming months. What books do you hope to read before the year is through? Let's chat in the comments or you can send me a tweet instead.

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  1. I'm generally rereading some books I've had for a few years but recently I bought a 200th anniversary penguin classics deluxe edition of Wuthering Heights which I'm looking forward to delving into! I feel I don't read enough classics and after Dracula and Les Mis, I need to read more!

  2. I'm really intrigued by Devotion - I'll have to look into it a bit more! A friend of mine read Homegoing and enjoyed it <3 x

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