Saturday, 22 September 2018

autumn & winter manifesto 2018

This autumn and winter, I will:

up my biz game (need help with words?)
and my patreon game (join us?)

keep up with my admin  
and file my first tax return 

head to devon for a family adventure 
and share a blog post about it 

make some new comforting meals
get better at insta stories 

buy some prints for the stairs
read lots in my spare time 

visit stourhead
use up at least one disposable camera

keep up with my exercise routine 
uphold mine and lyzi's festive tradition 

buy stuff for chai lattes 
take poppy to the woods

buy a plant for the plant holder 
start working my way through my list of pubs/restaurants to visit 

write an epic quiz for boxing day 
take more instax snaps to frame 

try and find some more balance in my life 
buy an outfit that fits because I am running out of clothes 

What's on your list? 

Scroll through all my other lists over the years if you'd like to.


1 comment

  1. This was a lovely read - I definitely need to keep up with my exercise too. I only recently discovered your blog and it's lovely! <3 xxx


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