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autumn & winter manifesto 2018

This autumn and winter, I will:
up my biz game (need help with words?) and my patreon game (join us?) keep up with my admin   and file my first tax return  head to devon for a family adventure and share a blog post about it  make some new comforting meals get better at insta stories buy some prints…

Independent Bookshop: Book Barn International, Somerset

Book Barn International, a bookish haunt that I'm particularly fond of, held a kilo sale over the bank holiday weekend where you could fill a box with secondhand books for just £2.

As a strong believer in the idea that you can never own too many books, I decided to drag my family along for a br…

Things That Make Me Happy 86

therapy calls that illuminate rather than frustrate  being the first to the pastries so I can pick the one with the most icing  nurturing my rational voice  the last day of holidays where you actually feel excited to go home and put plans in place as opposed to miserable that it is coming to an end

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