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Spring & Summer 'To Be Read' Pile

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There's a lot to love about spring and summer reading, from afternoons spent in beer gardens with a book in one hand and a tall drink in the other, to pages read from the confines of a plane on the way to somewhere new. 

Here's a selection of the books that I'd like to read during the spring and summer months.

Marlena by Julie Buntin*
A book that I had been eyeing up from the sidelines, before eventually requesting a review copy, because who doesn't love a messy coming of age tale that promises the death of one of the main characters?! My summer reads are a laugh a minute. 

Marlena is a tale of new friendship, small town life and the ghosts of our past.

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman
A book that I picked up and put back down, as blue skies were traded in for heavy snow. This is a story that deserves warm weather and, luckily enough for me, it was chosen as the inaugural book for my Patreon book club. I'm currently over half way through so I'll definitely be ticking this one off of my list.

Call Me By Your Name is the story of Elio and Oliver and their blossoming romance during a summer in the Italian Riviera.

Normal People by Sally Rooney*
A book that isn't out until September so I'm dancing between reading it now and reading it nearer its release. Rumour has it that this is even better than Rooney's debut, Conversations with Friends, which fills me with hope. This might be an inhale-in-one-or-two-sittings kind of read. 

Normal People follows Connell and Marianne - from their small town in Ireland to university in Dublin.

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The Pink Hotel by Anna Stothard
One of the newest additions to my collection. This book comes Smokintofu recommended so I don't want to leave it to stew for too long. Set in summer, it's probably best that I devour this book over the next couple of months.

The Pink Hotel tells of the tale of a girl who spends her summer travelling around LA returning sentimental photos and documents to the people who once knew her late mother.

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh*
Sometimes I receive emails with offers of review copies for books that I've been eyeing up to buy at a later date. This was one of those occasions. The Water Cure sounds like a compulsive read - perfect for long afternoons spent lazing in the garden. 

The Water Cure is the story of Grace, Lia and Sky and the men that come to find them.

Upstairs at the Party by Linda Grant 
A book that I pulled from the charity shop shelves because I recognised the author from the Bailey's Prize longlist. University campus, strange couple, obsessive teens, what's not to love?!

Upstairs at the Party tells the tale of Evie and Stevie, a glam and androgynous couple, who arrive on a university campus in the early 1970's, and the teenagers who come to idolise them.

A neat selection of the books I'd like to turn my attention to over the next few months. What will you be reading during spring and summer? 

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  1. I've read Call Me By Your Name recently and I was a little put off by the dive right into the intensity of how much Elio likes Oliver. But as it goes on, I got used to it and I really enjoyed it!

    1. Yes! Everyone in the Patreon book club has pretty much had that same experience!


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