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A Sunny Somerset Morning in June

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At the start of the year, we moved into a house in the village that Luke had lived in for the majority of his life. I think that's why it instantly felt like home. 

I knew the faded aqua garage door down the slip of a street that takes you to the church. I knew the stile you have to hold onto a little tighter as it's unsteady. I knew the collie that barks, without fail, every time you stroll by. 

Life moves pretty slowly here. It's strange to see more than a couple of people wandering in the main hub of the village and we don't have a local shop. I have, however, befriended two sheep who I affectionately call Steve and Beryl. Steve is named after Steve Buscemi, because they share similar eyes, and Beryl was named by Lyzi.

The past six months have felt transformative, in a really encouraging way, and I hope that feeling continues. 

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June 21st marked the 8th year of Vivatramp. 

I'm not usually one for marking the anniversary but, in the age of 'is blogging dead?' style posts, it felt important to note some reasons as to why I still love blogging: 

It's still, for the most part, all about people sharing things that they love and enjoy • A whole host of my pals are bloggers. They've taught me how to be a better cheerleader, how to stay inspired and how to strive for better  It's the best source for recommendations, in my opinion. TripAdvisor, who?!   Blogging continues to help me nurture and develop various skills  Honestly, I still find it therapeutic. I enjoy sitting down and thinking about what to create next  It has helped me establish my business and career choice. I don't think I would've ever gone self-employed if I wasn't part of this community!   I've found people with shared experiences, particularly those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. I've also connected with, and learned a lot from, people with entirely different experiences to me too   I enjoy it as a creative outlet. A space I can return to when the desire hits.

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I actually took all of these photos as part of a photo walk around the village for my patrons on Patreon.

Essentially, each month I share a creative guide. There's always a monthly exercise tucked within its pages. June's exercise was to go on a photo walk to gather creative inspiration and see what you could make inspired by it. I headed out, with Luke and Poppy, and took a ton of photos before returning to write an original poem. If you'd like to check out the creative guide, and read said poem, you'll need to sign up on Patreon

We are starting a new book on the 1st July, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, so it's actually an ideal time to become a Queen Bee if that's something you've been thinking about doing for a little while. It's a no pressure kinda environment. Dip in and out when you want to. Join in to whatever degree you see fit.

I am head over heels for the little community my patrons and I have created so far. I can't wait to see where it takes us. Whilst you're here, go and check out my patrons: Lauren, Michelle, Lauren, Fern and Ella

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In a matter of days, on the 3rd July, I'll be turning 26. 

Age doesn't really bother me. If nearly losing my life taught me anything, it's that you should be grateful to have survived another year regardless of the numerical value. Cheery but it's true.

There are several things I'd like to accomplish in my 26th year. The list includes but is not limited to: scoring more repeat clients, setting a date for my wedding, actually planning said wedding, making the house even more of a home and exploring more of my home county. Wish me luck!

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A chilled out update for a chilled out morning stroll. 

Have you been on any little adventures recently? Let's chat. 

Are you all caught up with my previous adventure posts? There are quite a few of them!



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