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A Sunny Somerset Morning in June

At the start of the year, we moved into a house in the village that Luke had lived in for the majority of his life. I think that's why it instantly felt like home. 
I knew the faded aqua garage door down the slip of a street that takes you to the church. I knew the stile you have to hold onto a …

Things That Make Me Happy 83

dreaming up different incarnations of me  quiet days amongst chaos the fact that i still have things to list 8 years in  trying my hand at new creative mediums good health days  making people happy with these lists (as requested by Laura)

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists

Spring & Summer 'To Be Read' Pile

There's a lot to love about spring and summer reading, from afternoons spent in beer gardens with a book in one hand and a tall drink in the other, to pages read from the confines of a plane on the way to somewhere new. 

Here's a selection of the books that I'd like to read during the sp…
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