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Spring & Summer Manifesto 2018

spring manifesto blog

this spring and summer, i will:

make plans for the garden 
visit stourhead with the family 

finish call me by your name
...and start many other books 

add more plants to my home 
work with at least one more new client 

book the family holiday for somewhere in the uk
and maybe even go on it 

go for the first picnic of the year 
sell my wares at the boot sale 

finish off little painting jobs 
be reminded of how much i adore the smell of suncream 

celebrate my birthday, somehow
use up my disposable cameras 

try some fish on the bbq 
buy summer clothes 

put art up on the bedroom wall 
start writing a creative course?! 

lose afternoons to beer gardens
share more adventures 

eat pizza with lyzi 
continue to push myself out of my comfort zone 

find some new-to-me places to visit 
and spend much more time outdoors

Remind yourself of last year's Spring & Summer manifesto, or, alternatively, why not send me your own? 

Scroll through all my other lists over the years if you'd like to.



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