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Most Nights

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impatient paws on the windowsill waiting for papa to come home. big light off, lamp on. stove top messy with rogue pasta. an episode of always sunny with dinner. pjs on hours before bed, just because. sandwich-making hands pulling meats and cheeses and salad together, amongst the dinner dishes. futile netflix scrolling before we go back to a trusty favourite. rounds of 'hoop' with poppy, before we get bored. hands wrapped around big mugs of tea, once, twice, maybe a third time if hot chocolate isn't in the running.

sneaked taste tests before food hits the dinner table. 'just one more episode' of the office before sleep. scraps of whatsapp conversations with friends, in between doing several things all at once. a mess of marking on the table, luke hunched over workbooks. hastily tapped to do lists, being made in the dark, underneath the canopy of a jedi dressing gown.

This is what most nights look like around here.

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I like the quiet moments, the bits of life in between chaos, so please feel free to share your own nightly portraits in the comments.



  1. great post!

  2. What a wonderful post ♥ Our nights are filled with the patter of puppy feet, the laughter of our son, and the sound of tires squealing while my husband plays a video game. I'm mostly quiet with either the tip tapping of a keyboard or the rustle of a page being turned.


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