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Favourite Bookish Feelings

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Reading can be euphoric. Books can fill you with pangs of nostalgia, can tear you down in the space of two words, and can even change the direction you're heading in. 

With those profound realizations in mind, here's a selection of my favourite bookish feelings.


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 one page down, you can see yourself returning to that very page at various stages of your life 

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 I can actually remember most plot points post-read! 

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• someone reads, and subsequently loves, a book on my recommendation 

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• you re-read a favourite and find new things to love about it and it shows you all of its subtleties 

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• I find a book I've been looking for on the busy shelves of a secondhand bookshop 

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• an author finds a new way of saying something and it effectively punches me in the gut 

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• I find a reference to the title in the text 

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• you sit pawing at the annotated pages, fingers set in the grooves, as if you were looking for a hidden story 

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• you close the last page of a book you didn't want to end and you feel your heart fill with love and gratitude 

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• you forget where you are, or who you are, outside of the pages in front of you 

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• you fall for a book unexpectedly 

Have you got any other favourite book-related feelings?

If this ain't your kind of thing, you could always have a flip through my adventures or my creative posts instead. 



  1. Yes to all of these feelings! I actually was reading a book last night before I feel asleep where I found the book's title within the text. I haven't quite yet figured out the significance of it yet (that's another fun thing whether you find the exact words in the story itself or not: trying to figure out why that specific title was chosen for a book), but I'm only one chapter in so I have plenty of time!

    Oh, and that feeling of remembering plot points?! So good but so rare for me! I mean, I can remember them directly after reading but it's so bizarre so know you loved a book but not be able to remember much about it months down the road. It can be hard to convince others that your love is genuine for a book when you can barely recall what happened.

    Asti ||

    1. I ALWAYS forget plot points and I feel so guilty for it. My brain can't store them, for some reason?!

  2. Ah such a perfect post, I adored all your bookish feelings! I love buying books in secondhand shops too, especially when you see a book you’ve been trying to get your hands on for a while as you get such a rush. Totally going to save this post for future reference! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. We should start a secondhand book fan club, haha.

  3. So many books here I'd love to read myself, and I love these feelings with books. For me, books always feel like old friends, that inspire, terrify and comfort me.

    Erin | blog

  4. nothing will match the satisfaction of turning to the last page, but also the sadness of realising you've finished a great book!

  5. Love this post! I also write in books so I'm glad you mentioned annotations because putting pen to paper in a book for the first time is one of my favourites! x


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