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Apocalypse S-now

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The snow is still kicking about so we found ourselves on another Christmas card looking stroll around the village this morning. I thought I'd ward off the post-lunch slump by sharing some snaps with you. Also, I'm bored and the other only option to alleviate it is to do housework so... 

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We were able to leave the village today, thankfully, to pop to the shop so we're now well-stocked in the food department. The supermarket, however, was free of bread, milk, most meat and vegetables, so our meals for the week sort of read like you've let a child write a meal plan but I'm more than happy with that. We also stocked up on snacks. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers following yesterday's post where I listed my cravings. I'm happy to report I have now sated each one. I'm talking smoked salmon, Phish Food ice cream, apricot pastries, crisps, and maybe a few packets of biscuits...I'm never happier than when I have snacks, that's something you all need to know about me. 

Once the football is over, I'm going to whip up a quick dinner before settling down to a couple of films - if we can decide on some to watch. Anyone else spend more time scrolling through possibilities than actually watching anything?! A millennial malady, I'm sure.

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I've taken a very 2010 approach to blogging the past few days. Three consecutive posts of the same theme?! Chilled out rambles?! It has been utter chaos. I am living for it, pals. 

If you weren't around in the halcyon days of 2010, essentially everyone just posted lengthy life chats, took their photographs on potatoes, and spent their evenings trawling through a ton of comments, finding new-to-them blogs along the way. It was a much simpler time, granted. I feel like we didn't know how lucky we were but isn't that always the case?! 

The snow should melt into slush by morning so I imagine this is the last snowy post you'll see from me for a long while. Snow, you were vaguely interesting but you've over-stayed your welcome.

I'll back back in the next couple of days for a creative advice post but, until then, I'm off to make some tough decisions. Do I go danish pastry or chocolate biscuit?! 

Catch up on some otheadventures, if you have nothing better to do.



  1. Love these snowy snaps! We didn't get much snow here thankfully, although enough to keep us off the road for a couple of days. I'm liking the 2010 approach to blogging - more blogs should go back to that, mine included!


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