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Another Day of Snow, in Somerset

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A few days ago, I was sat in a sun-drenched park eating chip shop chips from the bag and now I'm sat by the windowsill watching another flurry of snow bury Luke's ailing Mini Cooper. 

Storm Emma came at us fast and, as a result, Somerset has seen a flurry of snow. 

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I consciously refer to it as a 'flurry' of snow because, coming from Scottish stock, I'm well aware of what genuine heavy snow looks like. 

We decided to take Poppy for a short stroll along the pathways this morning, whilst there was a break in the snowfall, because cabin fever was already kicking in. I cannot even imagine what people did in storms of old, when they couldn't retire to a lively Whatsapp conversation when they were sick of the same four walls. Poor buggers.

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It isn't all bad, though. Luke scaled the ransacked supermarket shelves for some provisions, once school was cancelled and before the roads got too dangerous, so we've got plenty of bread and milk to see us through. We don't, however, have anywhere near enough snacks, in my opinion, so please keep me in your prayers. I've been daydreaming about smoked salmon, apricot pastries, and Phish Food ice cream.

The panic buying at our local supermarket was really quite something, no bread, no milk, no long-life milk, and, for some reason, no nuts whatsoever?! God help us all when the apocalypse rears its ugly head! Maybe I should start prepping.

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Being stuck inside does have its merits, however. Luke managed to sort through his filing system (read: collection of cardboard boxes) which was a novelty and I've been on top of all the laundry. I've also managed to get some work done and have even started reading a new book. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, if you're wondering. 

The snow is still falling, albeit I imagine not for long, so I think we're going to stay warm indoors, eat some big plates of pasta, and maybe chuck a film on to pass the time. Even though the snow is a tad annoying, I do enjoy the cosy vibes! 

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A novelty sprinkling of snow to kick-start March. Whilst it may be fun for some, it's a dangerous time for rough sleepers. If you see anyone sleeping rough, please do contact Street Link as they will be able to (hopefully) connect them to local services that can support them. Roll on spring, please! 

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  1. I love your photography in the snow. I used my snow day to do the same-ish thing. I sorted through some stuff and I'm starting to throw things away that I don't need and build my eBay pile for my spring clean and clear out!
    I love the snow so much but I can't wait for the weather to get warmer... Sorting through shoes made me want to pop my sandals on again!

    Cat |

    1. Thank you!

      And yes to getting things done - go you! Ah yes, I pulled my clogs out the other day and audibly sighed!


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