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Spring & Summer Manifesto 2018

this spring and summer, i will:
make plans for the garden visit stourhead with the family 
finish call me by your name ...and start many other books 
add more plants to my home work with at least one more new client 
book the family holiday for somewhere in the uk and maybe even go on it 
go for the first p…

Favourite Bookish Feelings

Reading can be euphoric. Books can fill you with pangs of nostalgia, can tear you down in the space of two words, and can even change the direction you're heading in. 

With those profound realizations in mind, here's a selection of my favourite bookish feelings.


•one page down, you can…

Most Nights

impatient paws on the windowsill waiting for papa to come home. big light off, lamp on. stove top messy with rogue pasta. an episode of always sunny with dinner. pjs on hours before bed, just because. sandwich-making hands pulling meats and cheeses and salad together, amongst the dinner dishes. fu…

Things That Make Me Happy 80

browsing rightmove for houses I'll never afford  'hellos' with passing strangers  mindless marathons through my youtube 'watch later' list trips to the vets, weirdly 
(photo credit)

I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, y…

How To Overcome The Fear of Sharing Your Creative Work

Oh, the hours I have wasted feeling anxious over sharing creative work.
I would sit in my university workshops, clammy hands holding onto my latest piece for dear life, petrified that a peer would read my work that week and wonder how I got on the course in the first place. In reality, we would all …

Apocalypse S-now

The snow is still kicking about so we found ourselves on another Christmas card looking stroll around the village this morning. I thought I'd ward off the post-lunch slump by sharing some snaps with you. Also, I'm bored and the other only option to alleviate it is to do housework so... 

We w…

Another Day of Snow, in Somerset

A few days ago, I was sat in a sun-drenched park eating chip shop chips from the bag and now I'm sat by the windowsill watching another flurry of snow bury Luke's ailing Mini Cooper. 

Storm Emma came at us fast and, as a result, Somerset has seen a flurry of snow. 

I consciously refer to it a…
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