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The Woods, Early Spring Sunshine & Chip Shop Chips

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After a busy week of writing and realising stuff, I headed out for an afternoon in the sunshine with my dog, Poppy, and my blissfully divorced parents. 

We last took a stroll through the woods back in the summer of 2013, as shared in my Country Pubs, Woodland Walks and Cherry Bakewell Gelato post, so we thought it'd be nice to return years down the line with little P in tow. Pals, she had a whale of a time! Who needs high octane adventure when you can pad through leaf-strewn dirt as fast as your paws will take you?! 

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As you can see, getting Poppy to sit for a photograph was nigh-on impossible because all she wanted to do was zig-zag from smell to smell. A photograph wouldn't have been able to capture the glee spread across her face as she met a dog round every turn, however, so I'm glad she was able to just scamper around and enjoy the moment. 

After a couple of hours of strolling, and dodging race runners, we went back to the car in search of lunch. There's nothing better on a sunny day than chip shop chips, so we stopped by Papa's on the boulevard before heading up to Prince Consort Gardens for a peaceful munch. If you're ever in Weston-super-Mare and find yourself looking for chips, that's your action plan. 

Salt and vinegar laden chips, a good view, and that sweet early spring sunshine. What more could you ask for from an afternoon?! 

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It was such a great way to wind down and free up some space in my head. My life has been full of change recently, and all of it good, for once, but I'm still definitely in need of little moments like these to really take stock of everything that is going on. 

 I wasn't sure whether this adventure was post-worthy or not, since it was so short and mostly off-camera, but then I remembered that sometimes the quieter adventures are the ones that we need most and are the ones that are the most worth sharing and celebrating. So, here we are. An afternoon outside of my head in a local seaside town.

black lab

For some of us, naming no names, that quiet adventure was much too fun, so much so that we begged to go back out again as soon as we'd arrived home..


I love looking back on all of my low-key adventure posts from years gone by so I'm going to try and share as many as possible in 2018. Keep those eyes peeled. You know the drill. 

Stick around and scroll through my past adventures, if you fancy it.



  1. Ah this is lovely, I really want some fish and chips now

    Mel ✨

    1. Not gonna lie, I could definitely go for another portion right now!

  2. I have missed reading about your adventures Bee <3

    1. <3 I'll try and more more, if only for you.


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