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50 Blog Post Ideas For Writers

50 blog post ideas for writers vivatramp

I have been waking up for an hour or so in the middle of the night. Every night. My brain keeps switching on with ideas: good ones, bad ones, somewhere-in-between ones. 

These ideas, whilst safe with me, will do more good if they aren't left to stagnate in a note on my phone, so here's a list of 50 blog post ideas for writers. 

If you use any of them, send me a link. I'd love to give them a read.

1.  Where do you like to write? The same constant space or elsewhere? Show us. 
2.  What tools do you use? Any fancy apps or just pen and paper? 
3.  Give us your own tips on how to get rid of creative anxiety
4.  Run us through your writing history. Have you always been a writer? 
5.  Share some of your work. I've shared a handful of my creative writing over the years. 
6.  Help new writers out by sharing tips on how to get started with creative writing.
7.  Creative writing prompts are always useful. List some. 
8.  Create some blog post ideas for writers!
9.  Tell us about your biggest supporters. How do they help your work? 
10.  Studied writing? Give us more info and maybe share some tips! (14 Tips for Studying a Creative Writing degree)

11.  Give your readers some advice on how to understand your particular area of expertise - like my How To Understand Poetry post
13.  Write a list of the things that inspire your writing
14.  Do the writer tag
15.  Tell us about the books that have inspired you to write or about the ones you turn to for guidance.
16.  Detail your writing process from beginning to end.
17.  How do you get ideas for your stories? Let us know. 
18.  What helps improve your writing? Classes? Writing a lot? 
19.  Dissect something you've written and tell us why you wrote it the way that you did 
20.  What obstacles or anxieties have you faced during your time as a writer and how did you overcome them? 

21.  Share some advice on how to get out of a writing slump.
22.  Tell us your favourite thing about working on a project - the conception? the finished product? 
23.  What's the best advice you've been given by a fellow writer? 
24.  Try and take on a different genre or form and share the results.
25.  Give some advice to new writers.
26.  Tell us about what projects you're currently working on.
27.  What's your endgame? When your life is through, what writing do you want to have to show for it? 
28.  Do a Q & A about writing.
29.  Share a day in the life style post of your creativity.
30. What's your editing process? Let us in.

31.  Delve into your childhood & teen writing!  
33.  Tell us about your bad writing days. Are they important to you? 
34.  Go on an adventure to a location that is relevant to writing.
35.  Tell us how you deal with criticism as a writer.
36.  Share some of your favourite writing exercises.
37.  List your favourite writers and maybe tell us how they've inspired you.
38.  Give us some insight into how you create your characters. 
39.  Tell us about one of your pieces and how it changed as you worked on it.

40.  How do you work efficiently when you're writing? Give us some tips! 
41.  Do you listen to music whilst you write? If so, share your playlist.
42.  Give us some general writing advice.
43.  Take an old piece of your writing and re-do it now that time has gone by.
44.  What would you like people to take from your writing? 
45.  Get your readers to give you some writing prompts and see what you come up with! 
46.  Tell us about the stories that didn't exactly work...regardless of how horrendous they are. 
47.  Create an inspiration journal - fill it with things that you find inspiring and share the results.
48.  Change up your writing routine and let us know what you learnt from doing that.  
49.  Give your readers some advice on how to be more creative.
Nearly a year of weekly blog posts to help you reflect on writing as a craft. Enjoy the fruits of my rampant insomnia with these 50 blog post ideas for writers. Like I said if you use any of them, send me a link. 

If you're looking for further ideas, I've also got 10 lifestyle blog ideas, 100 book blog post ideas and 100 more book blog post ideas for you to look through. Thank me later! 



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