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My Favourite Things 11

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November. Another month down. 

Here's a selection of things that I have found joy in over the past four weeks, whatever the weather. 

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Sometimes the difference between a good or bad morning is waking up to a letter from a friend on your doorstep and last month I woke up to an excellent one. Lyzi, I love you. Thank you for being everything. 

Send surprise mail, pals. It's the best.

mindhunter netflix

Luke and I were looking for a new Netflix series and I'd heard a few things about Mindhunter, one of the new Netflix originals, so we gave it a little go. It's based on a true crime book of the same name and it follows two FBI agents in the '70s as they look at the psychology behind serial murder in order to expand their knowledge of criminal science. 

If you're looking for tons of action, this isn't for you. If you're interested in criminology and the extremes of human nature, then try the first episode out. 

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After very much enjoying eyelids slicked with Sequin in October, I decided to take advantage of the free shipping offer and place my annual Colourpop order. I went for a selection of their excellent eyeshadows, a couple of lip products and a highlighter. I've opted for a mix of metallic and berry tones this time and I'm very excited by the whole thing. I'm looking forward to experimenting! 

I'm sure you'll see more of the shades in the future so watch this space. 

monthly favourites lifestyle blog vivatramp uk

Bit of a weird one to add to my monthly favourites, granted, but last month I went for my first cervical screening and I'm happy about that. In the UK, you receive an invitation to have your cervix spring cleaned when you are around 24-25. However, I had yet to receive mine, despite being 25 for quite a while, so I made a call and requested one. 

A few weeks down the line and I was on a bed at the doctor's surgery doing a yoga pose with a speculum in my vagina. Everyone's experience is personal to them, of course, but mine went well. I didn't experience any pain, just slight discomfort, and it was over in a flash. It would've been over even sooner if my cervix wasn't showing only half of her face. Get it together, babe. 

I understand, however, that the process isn't always as easy for other people and it is anxiety-inducing. Here are my tips, based on years of being put in difficult medical situations, for how to make the appointment easier if you're extremely nervous: 

1. Book in an initial consultation to meet the nurse who does the screenings. Introduce yourself, let them know what anxieties you have and maybe specify things that would make you feel more comfortable during the screening | 2. Take someone who you trust with you |  3. Make sure you have something good planned for after your appointment so you have something exciting to focus on | 4. Tell them that you're nervous and they'll be extra attentive to your needs | 5. Remember that it's your body and you can ask to stop whenever you may need to.

Lastly, My Body Back Project offer cervical screenings to people in the UK with cervixes who have experienced sexual violence.  They take things slowly and run everything by you to make the experience less uncomfortable. They also offer a wide range of clinics and services that are inclusive so if you're looking for such a space, head to their website. 

Cervical screenings are so worthwhile so if you're reading this knowing full well that you're putting your screening off, think on and reach out for help if you need it. 

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I have a wonderful support network around me and every year I look forward to buying them little gifts to reiterate just how thankful I am. I like giving gifts even more than receiving them so I start getting the itch from early November. As such, I'm now pretty much done besides a gift for my Mum and a couple for little Poppy. 

Everyone has got little things but I think I've picked them well. Fingers crossed! 


Speaking of gift giving, this is what I've got my Dad for Christmas! Two pen portraits of me and my sister by my hugely talented pal, Ella Masters. You will not find anyone more hardworking and committed to their craft than her and it pays off in spades. 

I love these little portraits - Ella totally captured our personalities and I can't wait to see them hung on my Dad's wall. Head over to Ella's shop to see what's on offer. 

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I was extremely ruthless when it came to unhauling books last month, as featured in my Book Unhaul post, because I wanted to make a little bit of money and save space. 

I feel pretty smug about it, not gonna lie. If you're looking for some tips, I have a post on 10 Books to Unhaul to help you along.

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I shared my favourite Essence mascara, the Princess Lash, in my April Favourites but I've since purchased a couple more items from the brand that I wanted to share with you. 

The False Lash mascara, as expected, gives a bigger fanned lash but isn't too much for daily wear. At £3 odd, it's a miracle worker. The bronzer is ridiculously pigmented so one quick dab is all that is needed before I'm ready to take on the day. I'm not wild about the fact that it's scented but I don't find it entirely off-putting. 

I would highly recommend Essence, based on the few products I have tried so far. They're affordable, cruelty free, and 100x better than some of the more expensive high street beauty products that I've used over the years. Chuffed. 

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I was wandering through the Ikea furniture collection point when I spotted their Vinter 2017 candles in the reduced section. These smelt like jammy biscuits and fizzy sweets and, for some reason, in that moment, I couldn't stop myself from getting them. They smell so good, to me, though.

God bless self-restraint.
We are moving into a new place!  

Not content with just getting engaged this year, as well as becoming dog parents to Poppy, Luke now owns half a property in the village he used to live in. From 2018 onwards, we'll be living there together with little Poppy among the meadows. It's a do-er upper but I'm so excited for us to turn it into a proper home. 

 If you have any recommendations for homeware websites and shops, etc, then do send them my way. 

•  this 80s remix of New Rules which was SO GOOD they actually made it an official release
•  Shona is 50% of the way there with her fundraiser for a new powerchair. if you can donate, please do.
•  this oral history of one direction made me howl
•  creative truth telling from lorde
•  babely Jason has started a Carly Rae Jepsen cover cycle so everything else is cancelled
•  this video from dodie is so me
•  Rosie is forever writing wonderful posts & this time she's discussing why you need your friends
•  Florence Welch announced a poetry collection which is to be released in July!
•  Mercedes shared a couple of videos on falling out of love with reading & why she thinks that might be

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 a collective book haul

An exciting month. A stressful month.

If  you're bored AF, or you can't get enough of me, there are ten other monthly favourites posts for you to scroll your way through. What a treat. 



  1. I started watching Mindhunter but couldn't get into it - maybe I'll give it another go! Thank you for spreading the word about cervical screenings, they're really not as scary as they sound and more people need to be aware of them!

    I'm so excited for your move! Moving is pretty stressful but so, so worth it in the end. In terms of furniture - don't spend loads at first. Get a good bed (ours was 20% off from Argos) then everything else from charity furniture shops or ikea, until you know what you want where and the style you want. Asda is great for homeware too, we got most of our kitchen stuff from there.

    Best of luck for everything in 2018!

    Sarah x


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