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October was a month. Not the easiest, granted.

It did, however, still come with favourite moments and things. Small mercies.

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Spotify informed me of Cherry Glazerr's latest album, Apocalipstick, a few months back and I'm glad it did. Apocalipstick sounds like Sleater-Kinney if they reincarnated into purveyors of guitar-based dream pop. Trash People is my go-to track.

A nice album to throw on in the background whilst you do the dishes or something equally monotonous. 

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Here's the thing, I care very little for Thor and care even less about the first two Thor films. I do, however, absolutely adore Taika Waititi. When I heard that he had taken the reigns of the latest installment in the MCU, I decided I would pay the £4 cinema ticket. Ragnarok was colorful, infused with Waititi's trademark comedy, and injected some much-needed fun back into Thor's arc. Korg is life.

Watch 'What We Do In The Shadows', 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' and then head out to the cinema to catch Ragnarok. 

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Autumn is well and truly here so I've cracked out the seasonal depression and my favourite Colourpop eyeshadow. Cruelty free, highly pigmented, and a big statement, Sequin is an essential in my make-up bag. It's stunning! 

I'm hoping Colourpop treat us to another free international shipping code soon because I'm going to need some more shadows to see me through this cold spell.

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Holy shit, pals! That is how you up your game. From vengeful city gangs to unexpected partnerships, from Lucas' amazing little sister to the new mullet in town, the latest season delivered in spades.

We binged it in the space of two evenings. Roll on season 3...

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This particular Sunday was all about coastal woodland walks, visiting the sea, Poppy photoshoots, and chip shop chips in the park. 

It was much-needed even though I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it. 

Two of my Twitter pals, Bethany and Alice, started a bookish podcast called What Page Are You On? earlier this year. They've covered books with fat protagonists, contemporary true crime, adaptations, and last month they tackled ghost stories! I could listen to them discuss books for eternity. This episode is worth it solely for the sound effects...

Pop the podcast on in the background but make sure you have a notepad and pen at the ready. You're bound to purchase at least one book post-listen. 

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Mariokart is a true blessing! A gift from the heavens. It was fun back then and it is still fun now. 

The cause of many a screaming match in this house on a Friday evening, we adore this game. We just need to save up for two more Switch controllers and then all four of us can battle it out.

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As I alluded to in the introduction, I found October really hard. 

I'm more than thankful for finding the other side, however gradual. 

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Bake Off but with art, Lanscape Artist of the Year, on Sky Arts channel, is like visual morphine to me. Each week, a different set of competitors have four or so hours to capture a landscape and we get to watch the process. 

I love listening to people discuss their creative process and I also love listening to people pull different things from one piece of work so this is totally my bag. I love how diverse the styles and artists are too! If you have access to Sky Arts, I highly recommend giving it a watch. 


Nu-rave, and the psychedelic indie that was born from that era, has been over for around a decade so, naturally, I've decided to regress back into it. A few weeks ago, I got the urge to listen to the Holy Ghost remix of Of Moons, Birds and Monsters, and since then I've had Oracular Spectacular on repeat. This is a hugely nostalgic album for me, to the point where I can't hear the opening bars of Kids without kind of wanting to cry?! Goodbye, youth.

A great album that still sounds relevant a decade later. Perfect nostalgia listening. 

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•  Dan's video on his experience with depression was informative and v helpful to the youth
•  to celebrate Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, Angela & CR shared a Q & A on adopting a child with DS
•  Alex & Gorka's jive was incredibleeeeeeeeeeee
•  Ingrid's 28 things I'd tell my younger self were interesting
•  Sarah's acoustic version of Only You has been on repeat for a week or more
•  an ode to broken spines by Ariel
•  Toni has recently started a bookstagram account. she goes to lots of book events, etc. check it out!
•  Rosie wrote about being newly single in her 30's
•  Kathleen wrote a post in response to the men that message her telling her it isn't ladylike to discuss bowels...
•  loving these nano ponds
•  i sent shittyflute a request on twitter and they made it for me!
go and fund shona's new powerchair so she isn't housebound. thank you!

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Onwards and upwards, Beeble. November will be better.

I've been sharing my monthly favourites since the beginning of the year and you can flick back through them if you so wish.



  1. I loved the new season of Stranger Things too! Waititi is so good, can't wait to see Thor

  2. What a jam packed post! That eye shadow is EVERYTHING! And heck yes to the Stranger Things marathon. It's near impossible not to watch YET another episode!

    Faded Windmills


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