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Decluttering Bookshelves: Book Unhaul

I'm forever nesting. I can't help myself. I'm the sort of person that gets jealous when I see people do big clear outs because I find the process extremely cathartic and, dare I say it, enjoyable. Livin da vida loca, me! I don't usually, however, share the results of said nesting an…

Book Haul feat. Ali Smith

I have been on a book buying ban since August. It was quite impromptu, and the word 'ban' makes it sound way more serious than it actually is, but I decided to stop buying books for a while in order to save both money and space. I have been having one of the worst years for actually sitting…

My Favourite Things 10

October was a month. Not the easiest, granted.

It did, however, still come with favourite moments and things. Small mercies.

Spotify informed me of Cherry Glazerr's latest album, Apocalipstick, a few months back and I'm glad it did. Apocalipstick sounds like Sl…

Things That Make Me Happy 76

just like heaven by the cure opals stevie wonder forked lightning  trips to the bakery 
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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.

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