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Autumn & Winter Manifesto 2017

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this autumn and winter, i will:

take poppy to the woods 
not lose my head

take an obligatory feet-in-leaves photograph 
read a handful of cosy reads

light the seasonal candles 
finish what I've started 

create a seasonal playlist for the evenings
make the house more of a home

make a new recipe or two 
find the words 

take care
try a new country pub 

go on a photo walk 
jump in head first

look for some seasonal secondhand clothes 
write some personalised poetry 

work hard 
embrace the quiet moments 

trust in my abilities 
switch off when I need to 

be more present 
use up film 

finish the jar of chai 
watch elf for the millionth time, just because 

look for secondhand furniture 
roast even more root veg, as if I haven't already roasted enough

try, try, try 
and believe in more

I write lots of lists. Read my list of things I love about autumn.



  1. Gorgeous words, and I loved your poetry. I want to go on more photo walks too, we visited the beach yesterday, and I took my camera along with me. The light is really unusual this time of year, creating long shadows. I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump this week, but reading a handful of cosy reads sounds like my cup of tea too. Hope your goals manifest in autumn/winter. :-) Xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. So simple and so lovely to read - wishing you a wonderful Autumn/Winter x

  3. Sounds a brilliant seasonal list I’d get on board with!

    Mel //

  4. Love this! I'm all about embracing the quiet moments and autumn seems just the season to do it x

  5. This is beautiful! Autumn and winter and my favourite seasons - I can't wait to throw myself in this year. Liz x

  6. I think I may have to pinch a majority of this manifesto for myself. Cosy reads, hard work, trusting myself and also switching off are all things I can totally get behind this Autumn :-)


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