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50 Creative Writing Prompts (feat. Words & Images)

50 creative writing prompts vivatramp blog
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At some point in our writing lives, we all turn to creative writing prompts for salvation. In the interests of being everyone's knight in shining armour, I'm back with 50 creative writing prompts to see you through your latest projects. With both word and image prompts, there's something to inspire everyone. You could, of course, use them for whatever creative outlet you see fit - for art, photography, blog posts, essays, you name it. If you've been wanting to get creative but you haven't known where to start, this is for you!

creative writing prompts: words
Sometimes, all it takes is a word and then you're off. Not all creative prompts are complex, pals! Use these words in whatever way you see fit - as titles, subjects of your work, passing bits of dialogue, it's up to you.

1. public house 
2. happy hour 
3. amusement 
4. beams 
5. arcade 
6. bewildered 
7. pixels 
8. pecan pie 
9. restful 
10. pierce film 
11. western 
12. cabaret 
13. treehouse 
14. the invitation 
15. reflective 
16. dormitory 
17. goodnight 
18. toyshop 
19. ajar 
20. hot dog 

Visual prompts can oftentimes be all the more evocative. In this edition, I've selected 20 images to inspire the setting of your creative pieces. From perilous heights to your apartment postbox, I'm hoping that these images inspire you to step out of your comfort zone a little. Creative writing prompts give you an excellent excuse to let someone outside of your wheelhouse to take the reigns a little! 

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50 creative writing prompts

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Sometimes, of course, it isn't the words that are the problem. It's the entire concept. And so, I've scrambled together five basic creative writing prompt concepts to help you put pen to paper. Once you've found a thread or a character or a particular tone, you can run with it into your very own story. 

1.  it's your lunch break. today it looks a little different.
2.  a letter is being written, maybe years too late.
3.  same table. same person. a different set of circumstances. 
4.  spooky shit is going down. come on now, you know the drill. 
5. they never could keep their hands clean for too long. this time, they're roping everyone else in with them.

Sentences also make excellent creative writing prompts. They tell you more than a word could but they're oblique enough to encourage your brain to do some work. You may not want to use them in place of a killer first sentence but you could jump off from one, or more, of them.  

1.  she had something to declare.
2.  i sat, curbside, with all my worldly possessions in the plastic bag next to me.  
3.  we did as we were told back then.
4.  it was all scribbled down in that very same address book. 
5.  "why wait?" 

And there you have it, 50 creative writing prompts for you to use as you see fit! Use them as starting points or building blocks on your way to creativity. In need of some more creative writing prompts? Have a look through my archive of  creative prompts for further inspiration. You can also check out my other creative blog posts. Have fun!



  1. I'll keep this post in mind in cases where I hit rock-bottom with my writer's block! Haha. Amazing ideas indeed, thanks for sharing!

    Arden | HELLO ARDEN

  2. Thank you for these! They really get the creative brain juices flowing! Now time to get creative!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  3. Your post certainly stirred my muse. Thank you. She's been idle too long; but having shown signs of life she can now peruse the prompts and choose one to expand on.

  4. I saw the words "pecan pie", immediately wanted to be back eating the maple and pecan pastry I devoured this morning and my mouth started watering - words really are quite something. I love your blog, as no matter what you post, I always click away feeling so much better for it. I especially love your prompt posts, so please never stop doing them! <3


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