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How To Survive A Book Buying Ban

I have been on a book buying ban since July and it has taught me some things. It can, at times, be quite hard to uphold. However, it can also be quite rewarding. 
So, in the interests of helping you guys out with your prospective bans,  I'm here to share some advice on how to survive a book buyi…

50 Creative Writing Prompts (feat. Words & Images)

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At some point in our writing lives, we all turn to creative writing prompts for salvation. In the interests of being everyone's knight in shining armour, I'm back with 50 creative writing prompts to see you through your latest projects. With both word and image prompts, there…

Book Reviews ft. Children's Books

I didn't read a lot in August, granted, but I did turn my attention to four newly-released picture books sent to me via Puffin Books by autumnal princess Sarah


GOODNIGHT SPACEMAN BY MICHELLE ROBINSON* (2017)  FINISHED: 08/08/17 | PAGES: 32 | ISBN: 0141365625 Two space-mad little boys get re…

My Favourite Things 8

August was a bumper month for life stuff, from big personal news to slip-ups to not so nice news, it was all happening last month. Whilst all of that was going on, I was coveting comfort food, some gifts and our little city break! 
As always, you're welcome to leave your own favourites in the co…
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