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A Guide To Barcelona: Things To Do

A couple of our close family members moved over to Barcelona over a year ago now and ever since then we've been meaning to pay them a visit. With Luke on his summer holidays, we decided to bite the bullet. Luke and I traveled from Bristol Airport and after a two hour plane journey, and a half h…

Book Reviews feat. Sarah Stovell & A TBR

July was a hectic life month for me but, thankfully, I managed to read a couple of books towards the end of it. 

I read a couple of queer romances that were both doomed from the get go...because I like my happiness with a side helping of trauma.

pages for you by sylvia brownrigg (2001) FINISHED: …

10 Tips For Car Boot Sale Success

Despite being extremely young and youthful, I am somewhat of a car boot sale veteran. Being buried alive by miscellaneous knick-knacks in the back of the car is something of a nostalgic Saturday morning ritual to me. And so, since I have become quite the boot sale oracle over the years, I thought I…

Book Haul feat. Sylvia Brownrigg

There's no greater way to celebrate your birthday than with books, in my opinion, and, luckily, I received quite a few last month to mark my 25th year. 

There were a few bits of LGBTQ+ fiction, a hyped thriller, and a special edition of one of my favourite books of all time, amongst others!