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My Favourite Things 6

Six months of sharing my monthly favourites. I don't think I really knew just how much I would enjoy curating these come the end of each month when I began this little project back in January?! However, I'm finding the experience quite cathartic and I think this series works in tandem with …

My Favourite Things 5

Another month has passed me by and with it came both sunshine and storms, both literally and metaphorically. How poetic! The more astute among you will note how late this is. Time got away with me, ngl. My June favourites will be up next week but, until then, let's cast our minds back a little.

Book Haul feat. Linda Grant

Last month, I took myself up town for an hour or so just to get out of the house. A lot of the time I feel fatigued and sore but there does come a point where I just need to see new faces and fill my face with bakery pastry, y'know?! I went round the charity shops in the hopes of finding summer…

Fyne Court, Somerset

A couple of weekends ago, I bundled one of my best friends, my family, Poppy, and a picnic, into the car and had a sweet couple of hours at Fyne Court. 
We took a stroll around some of the grounds, ate picnic food, got stuck behind a tractor for way too long and cooed at Poppy being cute and small. …

Book Reviews feat. Chibundu Onuzo & TBR

My reading was horrendous during the month of May because my mind was, and still is, elsewhere. I'm finding it even harder than usual to focus which really takes the piss because my chronic fatigue only allocates me a tiny window to actually absorb information at the best of times. I'm hopi…
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