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Another Day of Sun, in Somerset

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Adventures used to be a staple on this here blog back in the day and that's something that I really miss. And so, in the spirit of said sentimental longing, I thought I'd share a few hazy snaps from the sunny puppy walk that we went on a few weekends ago and give you a little insight into Poppy's character too! 

Poppy only has little legs, as she's only 17 weeks, so we didn't want to wander too far but luckily enough we've got this ace little walk sat just at the end of our road.  

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Slow summery afternoons are my bread and butter so it's no surprise how upbeat I felt on this particular afternoon. I'm grateful for the mornings where light fills my room and makes my head feel a little less stuffy and I'm hoping to document quite a few of those days as the season progresses...

We scrambled some lunch together, strolled down to the fields, which were thankfully cow-free this time, and let Pops bounce around in the long grass. Long grass, by the way, is one of her favourite things. Here's a few more things that she has taken quite a liking to...

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 kisses. no one is safe. 
2  wearing my shoe on her head. it's a niche interest, granted. 
bird watching, particularly starlings and sparrows. sometimes, seagulls.
sleeping between my knees
her best friend, rocky. a jack russell cross that she meets at the park. he is never without his frisbee and he puts up with the incessant snogs. how endearing!

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I find myself getting so overwhelmed by the 'bigger picture' at the moment, to the point where all of the little things feel colossal, and it's looking back on quiet slow moments like this that make me realise that things will probably be okay in the end, as long as I look at things individually as opposed to a whole. 

It's important to step back and live slowly, particularly in this dawn of the 'girl boss' where everyone seems to try and run themselves into the ground in the name of success. I'm going to strive for further slow living.


I need more afternoons like this. What adventures have you been on lately? It doesn't matter whether they're big or small!

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  1. Great post! Exploring the countryside is the best way to spend a sunny day

  2. I live on the north coast of Scotland, a mile from the sea so I have adventure right on my doorstep every day, especially in this good weather we've had!


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