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How To Understand Poetry

As much as I love reading and writing poetry, I'm not about to sit here and say it's the easiest thing to understand and enjoy. Sometimes, it isn't. Sometimes, I will read a poem through and I'll scrunch up my face before exclaiming, 'you what?!'. 

If that confusion sounds fa…

Book Reviews feat. Emma Cline & TBR

I have been slack with my reading of late. I've not been in the right headspace and I think it's kind of making me a bit miserable. I'm hoping to turn that around by the end of the year but first lets discuss what I managed to turn my attention to in April!

Last month, I read the latest …

Another Day of Sun, in Somerset

Adventures used to be a staple on this here blog back in the day and that's something that I really miss. And so, in the spirit of said sentimental longing, I thought I'd share a few hazy snaps from the sunny puppy walk that we went on a few weekends ago and give you a little insight into P…

Book Haul feat. Michelle Tea

A couple of books really took my fancy last month so I placed a little order, promising myself that I would read my purchases sooner rather than later. I'm already halfway there so I have no doubt that I'll honour that pinky swear. 

In April, I bought the latest edition of my favourite comic…

Things That Make Me Happy 70

mountains beyond mountains by arcade fire  louis theroux documentaries learning more about my family tree elderflower peach flavour 
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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.


My Favourite Things 4

We are now in May and I am not okay with that fact! The months have, as per usual, shot by and I still feel like I should be sat somewhere in January trying to get my life together before Spring. A hectic month raising a teeny pup and dealing with chronic pain and fatigue meant that I didn't re…