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Spring & Summer Manifesto 2017

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this spring and summer, i will:

try some fish on the bbq 
use that national trust membership, ffs 

read, read and read
take poppy to new-to-her places 

..and don't forget visits to the beach and the woods! 
make some at-home cocktails

dust off my summer clothes
maybe wander to barcelona

park the comfy seats on the patio
stroll down to the car boot sale

fill the windowsill with flowers, more often 
put those little lights up in my room

while away afternoons in beer gardens
play more records

track down the ice lolly moulds
celebrate my birthday with a bbq, again

have a good clear out
save money from said clear out 

make mazes from the windbreaks
eat ice-cream from the tub

write more poetry
and share it, somehow

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Write your own manifesto below, if you fancy, and scroll through all my other lists over the years if you'd like to.



  1. Sounds like the perfect spring/summer! Xx

  2. This sounds so relaxing and slow, the perfect way to spend an idle spring or summers day, I'm jealous!


  3. I love the way this is written, it's beautiful. I hope you manage to work your way through the manifesto!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please


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