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Creative Prompts (ft. words, images, sentences & examples)

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 (photo credit: o j cole on unsplash)

I'm back with a plethora of creative prompts for writing, art, blog posts, photography, essays, and all manner of other creative outlets, in order to help inspire your current or prospective creative projects. If you've been wanting to create something for a while now but you just aren't sure what, this feature is for you! And this time, it comes with added sentence prompts. Thorough.

I have also, for the first time ever, shared examples of my own creative work inspired by the prompts. In the interests of brevity and illustrating how easy and speedy creativity can be, I decided to put two minutes on the clock and see what I could come up with. The results are featured below. The pieces might not be groundbreaking, sure, but they've still been muddled into existence and all creativity is good creativity. 

As always, I have a little list of words that you can, hopefully, use creatively - whether you use them literally or in more of an abstract sense. Use them for nostalgic essays, urban photosets, pieces of flashfiction, the end result is in your hands! 

1. handlebars
2. alabaster  
3. scraps
4. phantom
5. abstinence 
6. ice cold cola
7. plaything
8. immunity
9. sugarsnap
10. the motel 

Two minutes on the clock, I reached for the handlebars prompt and created a little poem centred on teenage nostalgia.

writing prompts blog creative bloggers writers in the uk vivatramp bee stevenson

team games

those sticky sweet forever 

head over handlebars

painting skies 
for rockstars who wouldn't ever know my name

Some of us are a lot more visual and find images a lot more evocative, that's fair enough. I've randomly selected four images that I think you could definitely use as a basis for all kinds of creativity. I want to see more film snaps of country churches, an abstract take on classic fairground caricatures and a poem all about delicious food and nourishment. Make my wishes come true, pls!

writing prompts creative bloggers lifestyle blog vivatramp uk
 (photo credit: o j cole on unsplash)

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 (photo credit

vivatramp blog lifestyle writing prompts
  (photo credit

writing prompts creative prompts vivatramp uk lifestyle blog
  (photo credit

Two minutes on the clock, and Carly Rae Jepsen on Spotify, I saw the legs of the pier in the third photograph and decided to create a piece of creative non-fiction r:e the spaces we don't inhabit. It is brief but I like the concept. God bless you, inspirational pier legs.

I have always wanted to sit, silently, in the spaces in-between. The uninhabited places. Alabaster arms wrapped around the wooden slats underneath a pier. Legs dangling, cautiously, in drains. Eyes falling on abandoned outhouses in far-off places.  Dreaming, headily, about painting my footfall to make some sort of tangible global scratch map that doesn't just sit, rolled up, in a tube under my bed. Painted footfall marking entire towns in powder-pink whilst entire continents lie, pale in comparison, untouched.

Sometimes you might need a little more than just a word or an image to help you along. And so, this time around, I have compiled a selection of ten sentences to get you started. Take elements from them. Base entire pieces on them. That's your decision! You could create a cool photoset based around the convenience of supermarkets, or paint the dank dish-cloth sky, or write a song about those worn hand-me-downs. Be playful and see where it gets you!

1.  they were a fraud 
2.  we lost ourselves in hand-me-downs
3.  the clock turned twelve o'clock on that very same platform...
4.  i was always getting lost 
5.  see you at the supermarket 
6.  all they wanted was a lazy day by the sea
7.  the car, lifeless, on that dizzy edge
8.  you wished that everything was buy one get one free
9.  that dank dish-cloth sky stayed for days
10.  i sat staring at the open door for an entire summer

Carly Bae's masterpiece, Emotion, still on Spotify, I added another two minutes to the timer and started work on a piece of 140 character flashfiction inspired by the hand-me-downs sentence prompt. Granted, it didn't leave me with much breathing space content-wise but I quite enjoyed fitting it into place with a connected idea.

creative prompts vivatramp blog uk

We lost ourselves in hand-me-downs, pillowed pawing at the window pane as we watched you soft-shoe shuffle into someone else's life.

And those are my creative prompts for writing, art, photography, blog posts, etc, for you to use as a building block on your way to creative mastery...Use them in whatever way you wish. Did you like the new additions - my two minute examples and the sentence prompts? I'd love a little feedback on them! 

Are there any other types of prompts you like to see me share, e.g concept prompts and the like? Let me know. Are you working on anything creative at the moment? What creative projects do you want to start? Scroll through my other creative prompts for further inspiration. You can also check out my other creative blog posts



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