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Unread Books I Think I'll Love

Mercedes recently shared a video in which she predicted what unread books on her shelves she felt she would, inevitably, award five stars. I thought it was really interesting how we, as readers, get to a point where we can intuitively pick out books that we will absolutely  adore so I decided to ho…

Creative Prompts (ft. words, images, sentences & examples)

(photo credit: o j cole on unsplash)
I'm back with a plethora of creative prompts for writing, art, blog posts, photography, essays, and all manner of other creative outlets, in order to help inspire your current or prospective creative projects. If you've been wanting to create something f…

Book Haul feat. Charlotte Hobson

I unconsciously restrained myself in March and didn't end up buying any books out of my own pocket. I did, however, receive a few books from publishers: one that I requested, one that I was recommended and one that I received unsolicited. 

THE IMPOSSIBLE FORTRESS BY Jason rekulak* It's 1987. …

Spring & Summer Manifesto 2017

this spring and summer, i will:
try some fish on the bbq  use that national trust membership, ffs 
read, read and read take poppy to new-to-her places 

..and don't forget visits to the beach and the woods! 
make some at-home cocktails

dust off my summer clothes
maybe wander to barcelona

park the comfy …

Book Reviews feat. Olivia Laing & TBR

March was looking like such a good reading month for me and then I became the mother of a teeny tiny black labrador puppy, named Poppy, and all of my attention turned to her! I'm not complaining because that's a delicious reason to not read but I'm hoping that I can get her a little mor…
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