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to the seas: a poem

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- after 'Sea Fever' by John Masefield. Read that first and then this...

go down, yes, down, to the seas 
let the tide

                                                                 p          u          l          l

you in
the waves will br

                                                                                                                       and smother

no one will hear
the awful din

                                          go        d

fill your lungs                           
(with salt)

start a life                                         out there 

                                                                                                        on the floor 

take tea with the anemones

                                                           wish for laughter
                                                                      but long for more

'to the seas' is a poem that I wrote a few years ago for a writing task whilst studying my Creative Writing degree. We were tasked with writing a response to a poem - which is a good little exercise if you're looking to get into writing poetry. I picked Sea Fever by John Masefield, which is one of my favourites. My narrator is responding to the original, in all of its optimism and sentimentality about the restorative power of the sea, with a jaded look at the dangers that it also poses. 
I played with white space and used a lack of punctuation, to mimic the free-flowing waves, in order to explore how individually we manipulate and relate to our surroundings. I'm not crazy about it but sometimes it's nice to unearth older writing exercises to see where you've come from. If you liked this, why not read some more of my creative writing?



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