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My Favourite Things 3 (& BIG NEWS!)

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March has come to an end which means it is time for another look at my favourite things

In March, I was coveting a newly released pop banger, quality time with one of my best friends and a couple of huge life changes! If you want to leave a selection of your own monthly favourites in the comments, you should definitely do so. 

These have been a few of my favourite things over the past few weeks...

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Here's the thing, right, I wasn't really big on Lorde...until now. Lorde, the 20 year old New Zealander that Bowie hailed the 'future of music', is back after a few years with a fresh new sound. Green Light is the perfect bounce-around-your-bedroom-in-your-new-lipstick kind of tune with shouty backing vocals and a cracking out-of-the-blue key change to boot. As I said, I wasn't much of a fan before this, because I hadn't really taken the time to check her stuff out beyond the singles, but I'm really invested in hearing more from the upcoming album.  

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Luke bought the blu-ray as a gift for a family member so we thought we'd give it a watch once they were done with it. The Night Manager, based on the novel by John Le Carré, received rave reviews when it was released a few months back and I think I can see what all the fuss was about. The night manager of a Cairo hotel (played by Tom Hiddleston who I'm not a fan of but he was bearable in this) is recruited to infiltrate an arm's dealer's (Hugh Laurie) inner circle. It was only six episodes long but it was gripping, featured excellent performances from Colman and Hollander, and was incredibly tense until the end. Quite compelling drama. If you're looking for something to watch, give this a go. They're bringing it back for a second series and I'm intrigued to see where they will take the story beyond the source material.

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One of my best friends, Lyzi, came down to the cottage to meet the dogs for the first time and we had such a good afternoon. We made a classic but satisfying lunch, had a manic walk to the beach, got trolled by Jessie, gave the dogs lots of fuss and watched old episodes of Always Sunny. It was wonderful. 10/10. Would hang out with her again. 

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We finally watched Kubo and the Two Strings after what felt like a lifetime of meaning to and it was SO GOOD. The film follows a young boy named Kubo who is on a quest to locate a suit of armour worn by his father in order to defeat a spirit. As much as I liked it though, I did have a real issue with the voice acting. I couldn't help but think about how much more special and appropriate it would've been if the main characters were voiced by Asian actors. Yes, the majority of the human characters are voiced by Asian actors but, in my opinion, the whole thing should've been. Nevertheless, this film is visually stunning and unlike the majority of animated films out there. 

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I started reading The Lonely City this month, as per my TBR, and whilst I have yet to finish it, due to reasons that'll become clear later on, I have absolutely loved it so far.  The Lonely City looks at loneliness through the lens of the city and the art inspired by it. A lot of people were waiting for me to give this the thumbs up before they finally purchased it and, pals, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Full review once I've finished it!

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Isn't it funny how sometimes a song can pop up on your Spotify and you suddenly remember how great it is and then it ends up on repeat for about a week?! That's what happened with this Sleater-Kinney track from their 1999 album,'The Hot Rock'. I love the little guitar hook and, as with most of Sleater-Kinney's stuff, it has got a really excellent shoutable chorus. Heavenly.

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I dusted off my paints a couple of weeks back and got my hands dirty with some abstract painting! I find that abstract painting and poetry go hand in hand so I combined the two to celebrate World Poetry Day here on my blog. I had so much fun with it and I really want to do more! I didn't get a lot of feedback from you guys as to whether you liked the concept or whatever but I really enjoyed unleashing my creativity through a different medium regardless. I would highly recommend abstract painting if you're interested in doing a little bit of art therapy because it's so soothing. If you'd like to see more, you can read all about it here: How To Create Poetry Inspired Art

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I started watching Love on Netflix on a complete whim and found myself completely caught up in it. Love follows Mickey and Gus as they try to navigate life and relationships. There are so many things that should make me feel meh about this series but I find it really absorbing. I sailed through season one in two sittings. I'm not really sure what I enjoy about it and I've read reviews that said the exact same thing. All we all seem to know is that we find ourselves watching 'just one more episode'. I've yet to sink my teeth into the second season but I'm sure I will do soon when I want something light-hearted. Any further Netflix recommendations for me? 

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Surprise! If you don't follow my inane tweets, you may not know that Luke and I got engaged on Saturday 18th. I went for a meal with my Mum, Dad, Grandma and Sister in our old market town and when we came out I saw Luke across the square calling for me. From then onwards, I don't really remember anything clearly because I went into a state of complete and utter shock. We climbed the church steps and once we were at the top he got down on one knee and proposed outside the church that my parents got married in and in the town that my Grandad was once mayor of. I screamed 'what?' in his face about 10-15 times and accidentally smacked the ring out of his hands. Amazing. I'm not even 100% sure I said yes because I was so stunned. I didn't think he ever wanted to get married so for him to propose after 7 years of dating was a big shocker! I, of course, said yes in front of mine and Luke's family.

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After proposing, Luke scurried away leaving me at the top of the church steps. The next thing I know, he's in front of me with a box with the most beautiful 8 week old black labrador puppy peeking out the top of it. I was completely overcome. He had been planning this elaborate proposal for months and months and I was none the wiser! This little one was born in a flower bed so we decided to give her the floral name of Poppy. She, of course, already has lots of nicknames: Poppet, Popsicle, Poopy and, my favourite, Poopert. I am absolutely exhausted from watching her every move and enduring her 6am snogs but I am so in love. What a blessing!

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And those a few of my favourite things at the moment. What a whirlwind of a month! I don't even know if I'll have the space or energy to favourite things over these next coming months thanks to little Poppy but I'm going to try. What have you been coveting? If you'd like to keep up, you can scroll through all of my favourite things.



  1. Congratulations!!! An engagement and puppy all at once? That's a dream come true in my book! I kept seeing pictures of Poppy on your social media accounts and knew it must be a new addition but somehow missed the part where it happened right with your engagement! How sweet :)

    I didn't comment on your painting post, but only because I always feel a bit lost when it comes to poetry and oftentimes feel like commenting something small like "I love your paintings!" is so in adequate. But I definitely enjoyed seeing your work and learning how you connected each to the poems so would love to see more! (Especially if you have so much fun doing it!)

    And yes to Green Light by Lorde! It's funny because my fiancé loved her first album but I didn't really pay any attention to it, but now that Green Light is out I'm soaking it all in whereas he's feeling a bit meh. He says he likes the first 50 seconds of Green Light but once it gets happy and upbeat he doesn't as much, haha.

    Anyways, loved reading your favorite things and hope April brings you just as many (if not more!) great things. <3

    Asti ||

  2. What wonderful news! An engagement AND a puppy- congrats! xxx

  3. I'm such a fan of Kubo too. I think I'm still wrapping my head around the fact it is stop-motion. Such an incredibly beautiful film. I agree it would have been even better if the entire cast had been voiced by Asian actors too. I'm really disappointed to see continuous whitewashing - most recently with the live-action Ghost In The Shell film.

    I haven't seen Love, but have scrolled past it on Netflix countless times. I've only heard good things, so am starting to think I should definitely give it a go now. Any of the Netflix documentaries are great -
    especially 13th or Amanda Knox... Or Paris Is Burning if you haven't seen it!

    And last but not least, oh my goodness. Congratulations Bee!! What a gorgeous puppy! Okay, I kid(!), sending a big congratulations to you and Luke!! :-)

  4. Congratulations on getting engaged, and extra congratulations on getting a PUPPY! I'm so jealous! I can't have animals where I'm living at the moment, which of course makes me want one so bad. I hope she brings you lots of joy, and I hope you have fun planning your wedding!

  5. Oh wow I was getting ready to comment about The Night Manager and then BAM, OMG YOU GOT ENGAGED I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU IT SOUNDED PERFECT and then an extra OMG YOU GOT A PUPPY I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU SHE SOUNDS PERFECT! Honestly though you're month sounds amazing and that ring is beautiful and that puppy is beautiful and can you tell this has really brightened up my day?!


  6. Huge congratulations, Bee!! It sounds like the perfect proposal and I wish you both all the happiness in the world! Also Poppy is the most adorable thing I've ever seen and now I want to go and cuddle a puppy... I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon

  7. This happy post warmed my heart! Congrats on all your big changes, and I'm definitely going to donate to the Bloody Good cause. What a great idea.

    Amy xx

  8. Congratulations to you and Luke! What a thoughtful proposal from Luke, it's so sweet that he thought to do it in such a meaningful place. Though I think I would faint if my boyfriend gave me a puppy at the same time as proposing!! Also, love both of those Lorde and Sleater-Kinney tracks - yay for powerful women in music :) x


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