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My Favourite Things 3 (& BIG NEWS!)

March has come to an end which means it is time for another look at my favourite things

In March, I was coveting a newly released pop banger, quality time with one of my best friends and a couple of huge life changes! If you want to leave a selection of your own monthly favourites in the comments,…

roulin: a poem

- after viewing 'The Postman' by Van Gogh (1888)

the only family on the street that had a museum of modern art
and yet the paints 
were the only thing 
that could 
                      see the sky

How To Make Poetry Inspired Art: World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day (March 21st) will soon be upon us and so, being a world-class poet, I thought I'd do something to mark the occasion. 'Oh cool, Bee! Are you gonna write a poem for it?', I hear you ask. No...that would've made...a lot more sense...I have, instead, decided to celebrat…

How To Annotate Books: Marginalia and Slow Reading

My name is Bee and, sometimes, I annotate books. 
Let's just pause for a minute whilst half of you drop to the floor screaming 'how could you?!' into your shaking hands. Yes, pals...I am one of those readers that has been known to take a pencil to the page. Marking up books, or marginali…

Book Reviews feat. Colson Whitehead & TBR

February was a much better reading month, compared to my dry spell in January, so I have five books to share little reviews of for you today! I was transported across America via the underground railroad, sat in therapy sessions, felt heavy with grief, and got caught in an underwater town surrounde…
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