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Book Review feat. Daphne Du Maurier & TBR

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I had a shocker of a reading month in January, not gonna lie! Between personal anxieties and worldwide political shit storms, I found it difficult to take time out to sit quietly and switch off so my reading got off to a terrible start. However, on the last day of the month, I did manage to pull it back and read a short story collection by one of my favourite authors could've been worse. Positive vibes. Onwards and upwards, pals! February will be my month for reading. I can feel it in my bookish loins...If you had a better start to the year, do let me know what you read!


FINISHED: 31/01/16 | PAGES: 273  | ISBN: 9781844080717
The 14 haunting stories in this collection span the whole of du maurier's writing career and explore every human emotion: an apparently happily married woman commits suicide; a steamer in wartime is rescued by a mysterious sailing-ship; a dull husband breaks loose in a surprising fashion; a con woman plays her game once too often; and a famous novelist looks for romance, only to meet with bitter disappointment.

Feeling despondent about my reading, or lack thereof, I turned to my bae, my du Mauribae to be exact, for some much needed comfort reading. Daphne never ever fails to deliver and this collection of short stories for sure hit the spot. 

These stories were timeless. Enthralling and infinitely readable, each tale, whilst different in subject matter, offered insights into characters who were searching for new beginnings and, as ever, there was a darkness and sense of unease permeating each. Du Maurier always seems to be one step ahead of her reader, masterfully illuminating the uglier sides of the human psyche whilst also ensuring that each of her stories is full of honesty and heart. Alongside new beginnings, these stories also focus on relationships, romantic or otherwise, and the often complicated parts that we play in them. She appreciates that relationships aren't always harmonious and that we can often play a really destructive role and I love that. 

I really liked No Motive, Supreme Artist, Escort, The Closing Door and Split Second. It has been a fair while since I read these stories and they're still very much at the forefront of my mind. Well worth a read if you're a fan! I read quite a few reviews that said this was one of her weaker collections so I'm really looking forward to finding out how incredible her others are because I really enjoyed this! I have The Birds and Other Stories, The House on the Strand and The King's General on my shelves waiting to be read so we'll see what I opt for next. I cannot wait to read more. 


tbr pile booktube book blogs vivatramp

I want to read more this month, because I find it helps with my creativity, so I've decided to up the ante and put four books on my TBR instead of two. Yolo! 

You may remember that I included The Underground Railroad in last month's TBR and, yes, whilst I didn't finish it last month, I did start reading it. I couldn't really commit to it for the majority of January because my head was elsewhere but towards the end of the month I really got into it. I'm about 100 pages from finishing it so I'll definitely get this read. Emotive, horrifying and really interesting so far. 

the night watch by sarah waters 
I am going to be spending at least 8-9 hours of February sat quietly in a train carriage so I figured I should dedicate myself to a book whilst I'm travelling. I have picked a Sarah Waters novel because, as you may know, I find her writing to be entirely immersive and un-putdownable and that's what you want when you're confined and utterly bored. Twitter told me to go with this one next so I've taken everyone up on that recommendation. If you'd like to know more about my experiences with Waters' works, you can read my reviews of The Little Stranger and Tipping The Velvet.  

Another book that I have started but not finished! I read the first story for my Try A Story book tag, read the second and third for fun, and now I want to finish off the collection. The first few stories were quite different in tone so I'm not entirely sure what to expect from this collection as a whole. However, I'm holding out hope. I'll read this alongside a novel to break things up a bit. 

Hausfrau is a new addition to my bookshelves but it's a book that I don't want to leave lingering for too long - especially as it's on my list of books to read in 2017. I just this minute picked it up from my TBR shelf to read a few pages in order to determine whether or not I wanted to add it to this list and I quickly got absorbed in the minutiae of Anna's day so that's an excellent sign.  

So that's what I read in January and what I want to read during February. What did you read last month? Was it good? Would you recommend it? Also, I want to know what books are on your TBR for this month. I miss the days where the comments section was alive with discussion! Oh, to be 2010 again! If you'd like to scroll through all of my book blog posts then you can. Or, alternatively, you could just flick through my book reviews instead.

I have decided to start using Book Depository affiliate links again. If you buy books using the links I've provided, I'll receive a 5% commission which will then be put back into future blog posts. If you want to buy some books using my link but you don't want the aforementioned titles, you can use my general Book Depository affiliate link. Thanks, pals!



  1. Really want to read that Michael Faber book, I'll have to pop it on my next Amzon order. I'm currently reading Go Set a Watchman, but very slowly and cautiously because I'm not really into the plot, but I'm going to perservere anyhow. Said political shit storm, anxiey and Uni work are currently stopping me from reading a lot but I'm hopefully going to change that this month.


  2. I didn't manage to finish anything in January so you're doing better than me! This sounds like a lovely collection - I really enjoy du Maurier's writing, I loved The House On The Strand so I hope you enjoy it when you get round to it :) ♥

  3. I have to recommend reading the book The Underground Railroad (Oprah's Book Club): A Novel.
    I just finished reading it today, and I think its a really interesting book to read.


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