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My Favourite Things 2

As I mentioned last month, I've decided to dedicate some space over here to my favourite things...mainly because everyone ~irl~ finds me tiresome but also because I enjoy these sorts of videos and blog posts myself.  

In February, I was coveting some exciting news, a relatively new TV show, and …

crossbones: a flashfiction

I re-imagined the room with red, smashing his sweet skull with the lamp that we had bought that summer; memories illuminated in the half light. 

This is another piece of 140 character fiction that I wrote a couple of years back. All of my flash fiction is dark. Apologies. Call upon my cre…

A Guide To York: things to do, places to eat & shopping

guide to york travel blog vivatramp city guide york walk city walls

After falling in love with York during a trip in early 2016, where I accompanied Lyzi to the York Literature Festival, I thought it would be nice to return a year later with Luke in tow and use it as a base for our 7 year anniversary celebrations. I say 'celebrations' - all we wanted to do was eat lots of food and desperately try and make each other laugh by being gross and ridiculous. We weren't after much. Luckily for us, we did both.

Luke and I traveled from Somerset to York by Cross Country trains which took around 5 hours so we had plenty of time to chat, read, play Pok√©mon, and eat our little train picnics. After what felt like a lifetime, we finally made it to York station before walking across the city to our hotel. 

We then spent the next 4 days, and 3 nights, eating lots of good food, marveling at the old architecture, frequenting independent shops and drinking cocktails. Bliss! As I've been a couple of times now, I thought I'd put together a little guide to York in order to help you get the best out of your very own trip.

I will warn you, this is a long one. Grab yourself a drink and a snack and find some matches to hold your eyes open.

Things That Make Me Happy 67

cabins as a setting  haircuts at home relaying anecdotes, time and time again crabbing in padstow messing about in boats
(photo credit: aweriksson on unsplash)

I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.


Book Review feat. Daphne Du Maurier & TBR

I had a shocker of a reading month in January, not gonna lie! Between personal anxieties and worldwide political shit storms, I found it difficult to take time out to sit quietly and switch off so my reading got off to a terrible start. However, on the last day of the month, I did manage to pull it…

14 Writing Prompts (ft. Words & Images)

When it comes to my own creativity, I find it incredibly useful to work from creative prompts. Sure, sometimes you approach a piece with a clear picture of where you're headed and what you want to convey. However, these creative prompts are for the days when the ideas aren't coming so quick…

Book Haul feat. Donna Tartt

I don't intend to add lots of books to my library in 2017 because I have a lot that I want to knuckle down and read. However, I may pick a couple up here and there so, for now, the monthly book hauls are staying! In January, I bought a book that came recommended and a book that I'd had my e…

melt: a poem

they drove through golden skies, top down, pausing by the roadside  for breath. between milky leather seats
they whispered sweet nothings: of late nights and early mornings, silence and sleep,  forever summers and phosphene,
blissfully blind as limb 
            by limb they intertwined, and drowned beside…