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glut: a poem

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bedsheets hooked
around the moon
we lay - 
for hours, then days - 
drinking in the secrets 
of the stars 
until we both were full.

This poem was part of a larger poly-vocal project that I submitted for my dissertation whilst studying an undergraduate degree in English with Creative Writing. It was later featured online at litmag Severine Lit. If you want to read more, I share my creative writing on here from time to time.

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  1. Bee, could I live inside your poems please? I've been willing myself to get out of bed all day, but now I just want to lie here until I can see the stars, as this has made me feel so content! x

  2. I want stars in my room, I want bedsheets to make me trip over the moon! This is gorgeous, I really felt some nostalgia..


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