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2017 Goals & Updates

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We are now halfway through January so, naturally, I'm rocking up with my goals and a few little updates for the year. Nice guys finish last, pals! 2016 was a year. 2017 will also be a year. I'm hoping it'll be a nicer year...because I am steadily running out of morphine. We shall see.

After seven years, I have finally got a new blog design. Yes, seven years! Just think of all the things that I'll accomplish during the next seven... 

A new blog design, for me, means better navigation! There's now a tab for my creative writing, where you can find lots of my poetry and flash fiction and such. More on that at a later date, I'm sure. There's also a little categories tab that'll help you get to the type of posts that you want to read faster: from adventures to advice, books to creativity, favourites to things that make me happy and other such lists. I'm still getting round to formatting all of my old posts so if some of them look a little wild, that's why!

Posts this year will continue to go live on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a little something something going live on a Monday if I fancy it. I'm still going to be covering the same sorts of topics and you can expect to see things like book reviews and book hauls throughout the year as usual. I will, however, be upgrading the things that make me happy lists to a monthly feature throughout the year because I realised how much I missed them and I love that they've been a constant since I first began writing over here. I have gone through and edited the entire archive so that they're a lot more stripped back and aesthetically pleasing. We really didn't give a shit about aesthetics back in 2010, did we?! Scroll through the things that make me happy archive to get yourself re-acquainted. They're great for when you're feeling a little blue! I think that's about it in the way of visual changes over here

2017 GOALS
 I haven't really set myself rigid goals this year but I have sat down and penciled a few ideas down in my notebook so here they are in all their spontaneous glory:

1 complete poetry collection 
2 sell poetry collection (anyone want one?!)
3 use my national trust membership lol
4 create more
5 get some sort of semblance of a business off the ground
6 save money, ffs!
manage a couple of trips away this year
read more books 
9 believe in myself more and accept that everyone starts at the beginning
10 live alongside all the setbacks. don't stop living because of them.

And that's about it 2017 goals-wise! I'm looking forward to seeing what I get up to this year. I really really want the next twelve months to go smoothly. If you want to come along for the ride I'd be happy to have you. Subscribe over on bloglovin and find me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and PinterestI do little Instagram stories now so you may want to check those out. If anything I write over here captures your attention this year, particularly my creative writing, then do share the links and tell people about it. It'd be much appreciated! 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my list blog posts then you can! You lucky dog.



  1. Wonderful stuff!!

    Loving the new, fresh look and really feeling your motivation and sentiment!!

    Faded Windmills

  2. Mate, I totally hear you on the 'save money' front. I really hope you manage to sell your work this year because god knows you have the talent! Have you thought about creating a zine of some sort and selling online? Or self-publishing via Amazon? (: Also... FUCK YEAH HAPPY LISTS!! xxxx

  3. 'Live alongside all the setbacks. don't stop living because of them' I love this sentiment Bee, love love love it! What a great list of goals, wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2017 xxx

  4. The redesign looks great! Your 10th goal is great, and something I need to remember this year as well.

  5. Love your goals! Especially the one about starting at the beginning - we all do it.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  6. Love the new layout, these are some great goals to have, excited for your poetry!



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