Sunday, 6 November 2016

Project Unplug 1

So, here's the thing, my phone is pretty much glued to my hand or side at all times. I am rarely without it. 

And whilst I don't subscribe to the Black Mirror style #makeuthink mentality, I would like to work on how to use my phone less as I'm finding my scrolling these days to be entirely mindless, disruptive and time-consuming. I've decided to tackle it head on with a self-devised 5 week plan that I'm calling PROJECT UNPLUG. Am I having some sort of early midlife crisis?! Perhaps. 

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Over the next five months or so, I'm going to set myself little challenges, inspired by the five following 'problem areas', in order to spend less of my time watching videos of raccoons. 

I'm going to take you along with me in the hope that I can hand out some good old fashioned unsolicited advice because if there's one thing that bloggers are good at it's giving unsolicited advice!

the problem areas

I've sat down and made a list of the times of day or instances where I find my phone usage to be the biggest pain in the ass. I'll tackle each one separately over the coming months, documenting my experiences and sharing my tips. What larks!

1. my morning routine

My days usually begin with me scrolling through Twitter and Instagram to 'catch up' on everyone's morning updates as soon as I've turned my alarm off. I want to try and work on reducing the urge to go straight for a screen and instead spend my time getting ready for the day because I highly doubt anyone is going to share their magnum opus before lunchtime.

2. my nighttime ROUTINE

I have always struggled with my sleep, to the point where I'm 99.9% sure that I'm nocturnal, and the time that I spend on my phone underneath the covers after dark probably doesn't help whatsoever. I want to get back into my routine of reading at least a chapter of my book before bed instead. 

3. daytime social scrolling

Whenever I get a notification, I find myself then jumping around my various social media platforms in the middle of the day when I should be doing more productive things. This should be easy enough to tackle...she says.

4. viewing

I always find myself grabbing for my phone whilst watching a film or an episode of a TV show, even if I'm enjoying it, and I'm not even sure why! This is a habit that I definitely want to work on and get rid of entirely.

5. out and about

For the past few years,  I have taken to holding my phone in my hand whilst I'm out instead of popping it in my bag and that's not the best idea I've ever had. I need to stop that, really.

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I think my main goal is to feel less attached to my phone and then, in the time that I have hopefully saved, I would love to write more and read more and just do things with a lot more awareness and intent. Wish me luck!



  1. I end up on the Netflix app on my phone more than I should so I'm doing a No-Netflix-November. No more re-watching The Big Bang Theory instead of reading, no more binging Scream when I should be working.
    Good luck with Project Unplug!

    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  2. Sounds good! Maybe I should do this sometime as well, haha. Good luck with your project and I hope you'll write something about your findings. :)


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