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Creative Prompts 7

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Ooohboy, that was an unexpected week off from blogging! Hello, pals! For those of you that don't subject themselves to the incessant ramblings that can be found over on my Twitter page, @vivatramp, I basically found myself back in hospital last week after a set back. I'm now back home and just praying that my body will do its best to heal its wounds. It will. It will. It will. I'm desperately trying to hop on board with the whole 'positive affirmations only' thing but it just feels too cocky?! Anyway, if you'd like to send ~good vibez~ my way they would be much appreciated!

As I can't be hanging from curtain rails to take lots of blog photographs, I thought I'd move my creative prompts post to today in order to chat to you guys a bit and still share some stuff over here on Vivatramp! As I'm sure every other blogger has been telling you lately, it is now Autumn, or at least it is in the UK - shout out to everyone in other countries reading from the height of summer - and so everyone is thinking about settling down indoors. What better time to crack out an old notebook and work on some creative projects?! And even if you are in a country experiencing warmer weather right now, there's no time like the present to be creative! I'm back with another 20 creative prompts, both words and images, in the hopes that you will then all go on to create multimedia masterpieces that I can then take a slither of credit for. Please mention me in your award speeches...

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credit: alejandro escamilla

WORD prompts
As ever, I've called upon the dark recesses of my mind to find a handful of words to inspire your future pieces of writing, photography, art, or blog posts. Take them in whatever context you wish. Use them literally, or don't. Mix them up a little. Have fun. 

This month's words are:

1. gibberish

2. boundary
3. radio
4. handlebars
5. butcher
6. plaid
7. dreamland
8. phantom
9. hideaway
10. crisp
11. heroes
12. fanatic
13. rum
14. orchard

Everyone seems to really love the inclusion of image prompts in my last creative prompts post so I've decided to make them a regular thing. I guess these ones are unintentionally sorta themed but, of course, you can either use them as complete sets or take them image by image. Last time a few people said that they were gonna mix and match the images to create stories, etc, and I think that's a fun way of doing things. 

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pancakes: credit n/a
soup: credit
walk: credit n/a

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lakehouse: credit
adventure: credit
map: found here

When I've got my act together a bit, I hope to share some of my own pieces inspired by the creative prompts in these posts too but, until then, I shall continue being Queen Slapdash. Do let me know if you plan on using any of these prompts and, of course, do send any creative pieces my way! 
What do you use creative prompts for? What are you working on at the moment? Feel free to scroll through my other creative prompts for further inspiration. Otherwise, you can check out my other creative blog posts



  1. This couldn't have come at a better time! I've been staring at blank blog posts for weeks because I'm at such a creative block right now. Thank you so much & I can't wait to try and squeeze some creativity out of myself!

  2. As always, a fantastic post. Praying everything goes well with your recovery xx

  3. Wow thanks, this is pretty helpful actually. And a fantastic creative idea!

    Hugs, Hannie | Missing Wanderer

  4. Great post!


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