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10 Interesting Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

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We all know how drastically our personal taste can change. Delve into your archives and talk us through how your aesthetic has changed over the years. What marked those changes? Where do you think your taste will go next or do you feel pretty set? 


Tap into one of your passions, skills or an area of your expertise that you haven't really shared. Where did you learn said passion or skill? What do you love about it? Can you give any advice for those that may be interested in learning more?

Everyone has their daily rituals, be it a honey and lemon before bed or scrolling through Twitter when you should be doing x, y, z. What things are a part of your everyday routine? What would you like to see more of in your day?


Pick a topic that interests you. Write some questions on the subject that you would like people's input on. Consider interviewing people, loved ones or internet people or even strangers, about it. What stands out to you from everyone's answers? What have you learnt from the process?


Share some home, personal or general life improvements / projects that you're currently working on or hope to begin.


Pass on your family folklore, sayings, advice, interests, lullabies or suspicions. 

Talk us through some of the nice things that've happened in your life recently or some nice things that you've witnessed happen to other people. And then maybe pass on a nice thing to another person, be it a meal or an afternoon of your time, and share the experience.

If you feel comfortable, reflect on a personal struggle that you have had and chat about the ways in which you overcame it or learnt to live alongside it. What would you like others to take from your experience? Pass on a bit of hope to those that may need it. 

Be a tourist in your local area. Take us to the hidden gems. They needn't be fancy or Instagram-worthy. Show us what you love.

Comb over some old photographs. Tell us the stories behind them. How do you feel looking back? What do you appreciate about those moments now? 

If you're after more blog post ideas, I have 200 book blog post ideas for your perusal. All the ideas, me.



  1. Great ideas post, I've been thinking of doing the 'Tourist in my Town' thing for a while :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Great ideas! I love being a tourist in my own neighborhood! xx


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