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Beautiful Book Covers Tag

beautiful book covers tag uk book blogger vivatramp

If there is one thing I am good at, it's buying beautiful books. Luckily for me, a billion years ago, my ridiculously handsome buddy Jason created the Beautiful Book Covers Tag and I thought it was time to showcase some of my favourite designs. Not gonna lie, I had a tough time narrowing all the books down so I may have to do something like this again at some point. Please do tweet me photographs of all your beautiful book covers because I always have room for more!

1. choose 5 of the most beautiful books in your collection

beautiful book tag vivatramp

special topics in calamity physics by marisha pessl
I've got a bit of sticker damage on my copy *insert a billion curse words here* but I think this is one of the most beautiful covers out there, from the pastel colour palette, to the curio shop style font. It's quite a small chunker of a book but I think that just makes me love it more. I also really like that it looks a lot older than it actually is. 

jane eyre charlotte bronte uk book blogger

jane eyre by charlotte bronte
Vintage released stunning monochrome illustrated editions of the Bronte's books to celebrate the Bicentenary and I own two of the three. However, Jane Eyre is my favourite. I love how this cover captures the stillness and calm of the blossom even in the shadows, as I think that reflects the contents of the novel pretty perfectly.  

The cover was designed by Sarah Gillepsie who had the following to say about her designs: 'No one can deny the emotional power of colour, but in recent years, perhaps in search of a quieter voice, I have chosen to work only in black and white, umbers and subtle shades of grey [...] It leads to the emotional delicacy I am looking for, hoping in my work to offer quieter intimations of fail beauty, fleeting pleasures, the delicate poetry of a shadow [...] What is revealed in return is a world of dancing atoms and temporal fragility, of mothers, blossom, hares and birds, whose cycles of life and death so often remain invisible to human eyes, hidden within the enormity of the landscape or the dark of night, such as the Bronte sisters knew'.

milk and honey rupi kaur

milk and honey by rupi kaur
Book covers don't necessarily have to be elaborate in order to be beautiful as seen here with this pretty simple design. The simple cover reflects the sparseness and space that Kaur uses in her poetry and that's really effective. I also appreciate the little bees but that probably comes as no surprise! 

lolita vladimir naobokov beautiful books vivatramp

lolita by vladimir nabokov
There aren't many people that agree with covers of Lolita that feature a young girl, even Nabokov himself wasn't a fan, and, at times, I do think about swapping this edition for another. However, I think part of me likes Kathryn MacNaughton's cover design because it doesn't depict Dolores as a teenager like many of the covers that feature her; it depicts her as a child. A very young innocent child. It's important for the novel's main subject, of child sex abuse, to not be lost to images of grown women, complete with heart shaped glasses and lollipops, as seen in promotional images for Kubrick's film adaptation. Although, admittedly, the girl doesn't really match the description of Dolores in the book. I'm conflicted. I probably shouldn't like it. 

If you'd like to read more about Lolita book covers over time, John Bertram wrote a book on that very subject entitled Lolita - The Story of a Cover Girl: Vladimir Nabokov's Novel in Art and Design.

book bloggers vivatramp uk

frenchman's creek by daphne du maurier 
One of my favourite things about secondhand book shopping is the fact that sometimes I stumble across absolute gems such as this. I love that this cover has such a classic cheesy romance novel look about it, from the soft colours to the wistful gaze of the women on the front. It's not very Du Maurier-y at all, as her books tend to be quite Gothic and dark, but I just absolutely adore it. I can't help it.

2. choose a beautiful book that features your most favourite colour  

marvel and a wonder joe meno book tag vivatramp

marvel and a wonder by joe meno 
I absolutely live for pastel pink. Suprise surprise. I'm also a sucker for pastel blue. Essentially, this cover was tailor-made for me. I'm intrigued by the strange arrangement of the horse too - definitely going to have to read this by the end of the year.


uk lifestyle blogs vivatramp

how to get into the twin palms by karolina waclawiak
I love me some red clothing accents but I'm not a huge fan of red in anything else. This cover, however, illustrated by Ricardo Cavolo, is super cool. The illustration, that depicts one of the main characters in the book, is the focus of the cover and that's pretty cool because he is pretty much the focus of our protagonist's life too. I adore Cavolo's work and would love to own more of it - 101 Artists, in particular.

4. choose your favourite cover of a classic  

emma jane austen book tag

emma by jane austen 
Penguin Threads is a series of books that I desperately wish Penguin would continue with because it produced some pretty stunning editions! Jane Austen and I have a tumultuous relationship but I'm determined to give her more of a go and I'm hoping this stunning edition will encourage me one day. Look at that hair! I love how tactile these editions are too with the bobbly printed embroidery and the deckled edges. This book also makes a great gift or at least I hope some of my friends thought so...

5. choose your favourite cover of a children's book  


the wind in the willows by kenneth grahame
As you can see, I really did love the Penguin Threads collection! I own them all bar Little Women as I've got that in the stunning RiflePaperCo edition instead.  I love how this cover captures not only Toad's spirit but the technological monomania of the Edwardian period, with the wheel of an automobile peeking through. I think it's interesting that they decided to capture the menacing side of Toad as opposed to going for an ethereal boat scene - something that would've worked well with delicate embroidery. More deckled edges and French flaps lol. What's not to love?!

6. do you often buy books based solely on a beautiful cover?

No! I buy beautiful editions of books that I would like to own but I don't buy books based solely on beautiful covers. There's no point in me owning beautiful books if they aren't books that I'm even remotely interested in. 

7. out of every book that you own, which book best exemplifies your idea of a beautiful book 

uk lifestyle blogs vivatramp bram stoker dracula

dracula by bram stoker 
Round of applause for Roads Classics and for Fernando Vicente's stunning artistry. 

From the pastel colours to the basic design, I adore this cover. The art is given prominence here and I think it's ridiculously effective. I also really enjoy the way in which this Vicente piece plays with the idea of exposed necks - very apt! I own around four of Roads' editions now and I'm always wanting more because they're beautifully produced and carefully considered.

I feel like publishers have really cottoned onto the fact that a huge amount of bibliophiles like to collect books and they've therefore begun to take even more care when it comes to designing beautiful covers. What's your favourite cover from my selection? What's the most beautiful book you own?

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  1. I tell you what is a beautiful book cover: The VMC Rebecca By Du Maurier cover. It's my fav in my collection because when the sun shines in on my bookcase the gold actually shimmers:


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