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New York Times By The Book Tag

new york times by the book uk lifestyle bloggers vivatramp
New York skyline, as seen from my the Empire State on my 2009 trip

I have been eyeing up the New York Times By The Book tag for quite a while now so I thought there was no time like the present to turn my attention to it. 

Pick a question, or a few, or if you're keen all of them, and leave your very own answers below as it'll give me something to peruse whilst I endure abdominal surgery recovery!  

Beautiful Book Covers Tag

beautiful book covers tag uk book blogger vivatramp

If there is one thing I am good at, it's buying beautiful books. Luckily for me, a billion years ago, my ridiculously handsome buddy Jason created the Beautiful Book Covers Tag and I thought it was time to showcase some of my favourite designs. Not gonna lie, I had a tough time narrowing all the books down so I may have to do something like this again at some point. Please do tweet me photographs of all your beautiful book covers because I always have room for more!

How to Write A Children's Picture Book

I am currently in the process of writing my first children's picture book and, since I shared a How to Write Short Stories post a while back, I thought now would be an appropriate time to share some tips on how to write a children's picture book. Today I am not only calling upon my own wisd…

Book Reviews feat. Sarah Waters & Kim Gordon

the little stranger book review girl in a band book review the postmortal book review

Last month I read a musician's memoir, a dystopia I hauled just last week and added a new book to my 'favourites' shelf. What did you read during the month of August? Anything you'd recommend based on what I read? 

24 Things I've Learnt In 24 Years

24 things i have learnt in 24 years blog post

I turned 24 on July 3rd, 2016 and to mark that I've decided to share 24 things that I have learned in 24 years. I like to think I have learned a few more things along the way but these are some of the most important lessons...

I'd love it if you left your own little list with me or, alternatively, told me which lesson you related to most because I just love being #relateable. In the meantime, please enjoy my life lessons and a series of photographs of miniature, more youthful, Bee. Please tell me how cute I am.

Book Haul feat. Sarah Waters

book haul vivatramp uk book bloggers

As my surgery was looming, I decided to treat myself to a fair few books in August in order to stash them away ready to read during my recovery.  Because I clearly don't already own enough unread books...

Behind the Photos: Instax Edition

I've been snapping away with my Fujifilm Instax Mini camera for a fair few years now and so I thought it might be quite cool to delve into my collection and share the stories behind some of the images with you. As sometimes, the stories behind the captured moment can be just as good as the imag…
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