Things That Make Me Happy 63

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looking through photographs
lit journals
not saving things for best
getting snap happy
garden full of bees and butterflies

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.



  1. Yes to not 'saving your best', Bee! Your best is every single day (:

  2. I love your happy posts, I really do! That bookmark is so sweet and I definitely agree with being nostalgic - photo albums and old journals just make my heart happy! xx

  3. I definitely need to stop saving things for best as it feels like the time to properly enjoy them just seems to come and go! That bookmark is so darn adorable too. Something that has made me happy recently is having a fairly drastic haircut! Not only is it so much nicer for the hotter days, it's more manageable and suits me far better too. I'm also having a lot of fun styling it into curls - it's not quite Helena-esque, but it's getting there, haha!! :-)


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