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I often get questions about writing and yet I don't really have a post dedicated to just that so I have attempted to compile a tag using your questions, my own, and others that I found on the internet, in the vain hope that it will prove to be useful. If you've got any further questions, fire them at me. If you'd like to do this tag yourself, feel free! 

1. what do you write? what genre? any reoccurring themes? 
I tend to write a little bit of most things - be it prose, poetry, flash fiction, creative non-fiction - and I like the freedom it affords me. At the moment, I'm on a poetry kick. 

I wouldn't say I stick to a genre, as such, but my work tends to be about very real things with a fantastical lean. Re-occurring themes/images are mental health, loving something or someone with your entire being, and space. 

Inspiration seems to just hit me unexpectedly as opposed to being a thing that I know I can wake up via a person or a time of day or whatever. However, I am inspired by: the night sky, coastline, space travel, end of the world scenarios, botanical prints, Victorian categorization, and the contents of my own heart. 

3. where do you write, when and with what?
I write from anywhere, be it spread eagle on my bed, pen-to-paper in a supermarket carpark, finger-to-screen in a waiting room, or tapping away on my laptop. I would love to wax lyrical about an inspirational writing space that I adjourn to from early in the morning til late at night, where I use the same type of pen every day on the same type of paper, but that's not the case. I do, however, have a specific soft cover aquamarine Moleskine that I presently write in.

4.  sound or silence when writing? 
Sound, always. I think. I don't deal well with silence. I'm one of those people that will try to fill every silence they can find with sprawling anecdotes, little coughs or singing. I tend to pop on some music, usually something ambient, and just see where it takes me. Tycho's last couple of albums are usually my go-to's for writing.

I have an undergraduate degree in English with Creative Writing. I, of course, don't feel as if you have to go to university to learn. Writing is a very personal craft and I think it's up to you as an individual to work out your own path. I did, however, really enjoy my degree and it gave me many tools to work with. It also helped my confidence and introduced me to whole new worlds of literature and creative thinking that I had never really considered before. It's not the easiest of things to study because writing, and what makes a piece of writing good, is very subjective but I'm glad I did it. 

 I shared some tips on studying a creative writing degree a while back so check that out if its of use to you. 

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6. what do your family / friends think? 
My little network are all very supportive of me and my writing. I don't think a lot of them actually read it, or if they do they feel a bit lost because they aren't particularly literary, but they are supportive of what I want to do and believe in me. Luke, however, often reads what I write and I find it really useful to have his perspective. 

7. what do you find challenging? 
I think finding a writing routine that works for me is one of the things that I find most challenging. As I said earlier, I don't have a Romantic set up when it comes to writing and it's not really something I'm looking for right now but I would like to have more of a structure. Maybe I will trial a new writing routine and bring you guys along for the ride...Eyes peeled, pals!

8. what's your favourite thing about writing?
Being able to read over something that I've written, particularly if I've struggled with the final edit, and feel proud of it and happy for it to then be shared with others. There's no better feeling. 

9. any tips for writers block?
Writer's block is rough. I have 3 things that I usually resort to when stuck: 

one. take time away from what I'm writing because pushing it does not help 

two. read lots, watch lots and immerse myself in as many other worlds as possible 
three. set myself the challenge of writing a page a day of poetry - no matter how awful - because it helps to get the brain ticking 

My life long goals are to have published a menagerie of things, from a children's book to a poetry collection. 


  1. This is a really great tag! I've saved it to my drafts to complete in the near future. I love reading about other people's writing habits and inspirations, I find it really fascinating.

    Kate /

  2. I found this really interesting and inspiring! Especially on writer's block. Also, not to be superficial with such a well thought out & written blog post but I love the simple decoration on your Moleskine, it looks so pretty!


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