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Book Haul feat. Hunter. S Thompson

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July was the month of the birthday present, the must-purchase and the souvenir.  Share your thoughts on my haul, as well as your own recent purchases, in the comments.

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hell's angels: a strange and terrible saga by hunter. s thompson

In September, 1964 a cavalcade of motorbikes ripped through the city of Monterey, California. It was a trip destined to make Hell's Angels household names across America, infamous for their violent, drunken rampages and feared for the destruction left in their wake. Enter Hunter S. Thompson, the master of counter-culture journalism who alone had the ability and stature to ride with the Angels on their terms. In this hair-raising expose, he journeys with the last outlaws of the American frontier.

I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas towards the end of last year and unexpectedly fell in love with it so I popped this on my birthday wishlist and hoped that someone would take a liking to the gorgeous cover. Luckily, my sister came through. I don't know a lot about the Hell's Angels so this will be an introduction to that whole world for me. However, I have every faith in Thompson. I think this will be something that I read before summer is through.

saga volume 6 book haul uk book blogger vivatramp

saga volume 6 by brian k. vaughan and fiona staples

You know the deal by now. I have to purchase Saga as soon as it comes out and then read it as soon as it is in my hands. This time I ordered it as soon as it was released and then waited a few days after its arrival to dig in and mein god did it feel good to fall headfirst into Alana, Marko and Hazel's world again. If you only read one comic series, make it this one. 

dead mans folly book haul agatha christie uk vivatramp blog

dead man's folly by agatha christie

Sir George and Lady Stubbs hit upon the novel idea of staging a mock murder mystery. In good faith, Ariadne Oliver, the well-known crime writer, agrees to organise their murder hunt and calls her friend Hercule Poirot for his expert assistance.

I had to buy myself a little bookish souvenir from the gift shop at Greenway after I visited last month, which you can read all about in my 'things to do in devon' post, and so I thought I'd best buy a book set at the property. I don't own any of the others in the series but this may hail the beginning of a collection. Who knows?!

If you'd like to scroll through all of my book blog posts then you can. Or, alternatively, you could just flick through my book hauls instead.



  1. Far too busy to be reading anything but the new HP book at the moment but I am loving the picks you have in this post - especially interested in the Hell's Angels book

    Mel ★

  2. that hells angels cover is amazing!!

  3. I love that cover for Hell's Angels! My main focus this month is the newest Harry Potter, but I'm also finishing up the last of Neil Gaiman's books that I hadn't yet read, as he's one of my favourite authors.

    Kate |


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