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Creative Prompts 6

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A couple of weeks ago, I was over on Instagram asking people what posts they would like to see in the near future and a lot of people requested the return of my creative prompts series. Ever the people pleaser, I'm back with another 20 creative prompts for your creative writing, photography, art and blog post idea needs. However, this time, I've jazzed it up a little bit...

Like most writers, I have this thing with words. More often that not, it's seeing a particular word on a particular day that inspires an entire piece and so by sharing a selection of randomised words here I hope to spark your creativity. The great thing about using words as prompts is that they mean different things to different creatives so no two bits of creative work will be the same. This flexibility also means that you can be a bit playful with the context or meaning of a word - nothing needs to be taken literally.

This month's words are:

1.  drowsy
2.  admission
3.  costume
4.  fluctuate
5.  visitor
6.  hollow
7.  autopsy
8.  harbour
9.  serum
10.  pocket
11.  clubhouse
12.  obey
13.  footwork
14.  doomsday

Keen to please even more of you, I also asked on Twitter whether or not people would prefer a mix of both word and image prompts and luckily everyone seemed to agree that that was a good idea. Each of the following images serves as its own individual prompt. Although, kudos if you manage to create a piece that fits with an entire collage!

creative prompts uk lifestyle blog vivatramp
woman: n/a
disco balls: n/a
fishing: img credit

vivatramp lifestyle blogs uk
painting: how to bake a cake by claire desjardins
animals: golden book of biology by charley harper
moss stories: website now n/a - was a publishing company back in 2009

Images also make great prompts because they are able to set the tone of a piece or a composition for you. The wider ideas often flow from there. I hope that these creative prompts have helped you in some way and that the added visual element to these posts is a good thing. 

What do you use creative prompts for? What are you working on at the moment? Feel free to scroll through my other creative prompts for further inspiration. Otherwise, you can check out my other creative blog posts



  1. I like these a lot! I've been intending to try and do more creative writing, so I'm def going to give these a go.

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. Ooh, your first image prompt reminds me of really old and creepy horror films!

  3. These prompts are totally me!
    I am doing a writing project I call brush strokes in ink, where I write short, creative pieces inspired by art works that trigger something in me, like Edward Hoppers painting Nighthawks. Recently I bought a postcard of a statue at the V&A I have walked past many times & funnily enough it was the postcard and not seeing the statue that triggered a story idea about it, which I'm writing at the moment.

    Of your prompts I felt something when I read the word hollow and the image of the bridge and the water gave me an idea for a story too! Maybe I will try and combine the two.

    Like you I really feel like images can trigger something in you! I loved the school essays in primary school where we could write a story after a picture.


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