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6 Things On My Summer To Do List

I'm a summer baby. I live for the summer.

It's as if I came into the world, felt the sunshine on my paper skin, and decided that the world was only right during the summer season. And so you can imagine that I get pretty excited once June turns up, and with it the sun, and I get to thinking about the things I want to do before Autumn draws near and drowns me in melancholy. I'm a laugh a minute, me!

This week I noted a few things down in my notebook that I would love to do before the summer is through and I'm sharing those little scribblings with you today because I would also quite like to know what everyone else has planned! I don't get out much. 

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properly celebrate turning 24! done
I'm not usually one to make a big deal out of my birthday but after spending last year's birthday in hospital and having impending hospital stuff over the summer I've decided to go all out. 'Go all out' in a Bee sense just basically means grabbing some family and friends and going for a meal in the countryside to mark turning 24. It'll still be a small affair but it'll give me something to think about. I suppose I should get a move on with the planning - 3rd July will soon creep up on me. 

Book Haul feat. Ta-Nehisi Coates

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As life gets a little bit harder, I tend to go out of my way to make more time for self care and for the things that make me happy. One of the ways in which I like to perk myself up is by buying books. No, buying beautiful books doesn't make all the life stuff go away entirely but it does help me to take my mind off it for a little while and I'm therefore hailing it as a good thing. Everybody loves a book haul, lets not kid ourselves!

And luckily for us all, it's my biggest book haul of the year so far with 6 new books winging their way to my bookshelves. I know that in the grand scheme of book blogging and booktubing that is nothing but I have been quite frugal with my bookish purchases so far this year (probably because I've suddenly got a penchant for buying faux leather jackets instead...). 

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