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  1. I love this series of yours and have been reading it for a long time. Whenever I read them it reminds me (once again) of all the little things in life that makes it what it is.

    My own life is made happier by:
    My amazing parents - who always has and still does buy me books and who is always prepared to drop everything to call me or text me on whatsapp when I'm sad and worried and unsure about life.
    My boyfriend - without him I would not have experienced all the amazing things I have, especially with moving abroad. And I would not have had someone to share those experiences with.
    My friends - My friend K who is still in Denmark but never see me as a bad friend for not being able to always be there and my friend C who travels around Europe and takes the time to send me cards with kind words.
    Writing - It keeps me sane, even when like you, I am not feeling well and I cant concentrate and everything is a mess.
    Taking photographs - It's a way for me to remember all those big and small moments, a way to experience the would through vision.

    It's still early in the day so I don't know what has made me happy yet but yesterday was an incredibly happy day because:
    I had breakfast and tea in bed while writing
    I wrote a text that was fun to write but which also turned out to be true and honest and just what I had wanted to put down in words
    I tidied the flat while dancing around to Lukas Graham's album because no one could see me look silly.
    I made burgers for the boyfriend and invented a new speciality which he loved - with cheesy fries inside
    I pottered around the flat on my own with the windows open so I could hear the birds sing in the trees by the river outside our flat
    I was brave and edited a text which I sent to my mum afterwards. I never share my writing with my parents but it was a text about her, so I thought it was time. - She sent me back a quote about writing by Robin Hobb which subtly hinted at her support and which made my day. I think you might like too:

    “The second thing you have to do to be a writer is to keep on writing. Don't listen to people who tell you that very few people get published and you won't be one of them. Don't listen to your friend who says you are better than Tolkien and don't have to try any more. Keep writing, keep faith in the idea that you have unique stories to tell, and tell them. I meet far too many people who are going to be writers 'someday.' When they are out of high school, when they've finished college, after the wedding, when the kids are older, after I retire . . . That is such a trap. You will never have any more free time than you do right now. So, whether you are 12 or 70, you should sit down today and start being a writer if that is what you want to do. You might have to write on a notebook while your kids are playing on the swings or write in your car on your coffee break. That's okay. I think we've all 'been there, done that.' It all starts with the writing. ”

    I apologise if this comment ended up being way too long but I wanted to share my own happy thoughts on your list!

  2. I love pub lunches in the summer, the food just seems to taste so much better and a great excuse to sit out in the sun.
    I've been adding tiny personal touches around my house that make me smile. It's silly things that whenever I see cheer me up.

    Rhiannon - Pastel Daydreams

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well! I'm glad you have these little happy things to think of, though :) the view from your reading nook looks amazing! A few of my own happy things:

    - I had a slice of birthday cake for breakfast
    - my chicken Penguin has returned safe & sound after disappearing yesterday afternoon
    - on Monday I managed to go to the cinema for my boyfriends birthday without getting too anxious
    - my dad has been really unwell for the past week or so but he's beginning to feel better & im so grateful we avoided another hospital trip!

    I hope you feel much better soon Bee <3

  4. Great post, the simplest things can make us so happy! Bubble Tea is definitely one of those things for me.
    Blue Jazzmin

  5. Can you add to your list making other people happy with your posts? 'Cause you really do!

    I feel happy just when I come home every day to my new house with all my things in it. It's so much nicer sometimes to be at home than to be away. But then I also love being high in the sky in a plane, either flying over London on my way home or going somewhere far away. I think you need a bit of both to have that balance.

    Tomorrow is another day so give yourself a break today and hopefully tomorrow you'll be a bit brighter. Loads of love, Laura xx

  6. Bee, could you tell me what the board game is, pictured? Thanks! I am a fellow board game enthusiast. :)

  7. Love this idea for a post! It's so important to keep focused on the small, happy things when things are tough.

    For me I love:rereading favourite books, tea, baking, going for walks and finding beautiful, unexpected things.

    Hope that you feel better soon.

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  8. What a lovely post! I'm sorry you haven't been having a good time. I did my own 'happy' post :

  9. Wow! Congratulations to Luke on his upcoming school year! In Ontario it is *very* difficult for newly designated teachers to find jobs. Anecdotally it has only been fluent French-language teachers who find jobs right out of their schooling, as there's been an upswing in French Immersion schools and curriculum. Ending my ramble now, just wanted to let you guys know how impressive that is!!! This entire list made me very happy. The photos painted a charming picture of the very best moments of your life <3 My happy list would include: a new saddle for my horse, kayaking with a good friend around the entire lake, spending time outdoors tending the garden/yoga/playing with the dog, our new business venture, and a quiet, rainy Sunday morning with good tea catching up on your blog! <3


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