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Creative Prompts 5

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It has, weirdly, been about four months or so since I last dropped by to discuss something creative with you. As my creative prompts posts dipped so did my very own creativity and I'm only now really getting out of that weird malaise. Now that Spring is on its way, I'm hoping to find some quiet moments in which I can just sit down and focus on writing my poetry collection. As it stands it's a collection of disjointed ideas but I'm excited to watch it grow! 

I have curated the following creative prompts to help inspire your future creative works. These prompts are extremely vague for a reason; I want you to be able to use them for whatever you see fit: for stories, pieces of art, a series of photographs, ideas for blog posts, whatever takes your fancy! Take them literally or have a bit of fun with them. It's up to you. 

1  caged                                                                                    11•  dance
2•  fortune                                                                                   12•  linear 
3•  ambience                                                                               13   table
4  focus                                                                                      14   blessing
5  driveway                                                                                15•  carousel
6  basin                                                                                       16•  deathtrap 
7•  delicacy                                                                                  17•  faith
8•  child                                                                                        18•  balcony
9•  blanket                                                                                    19•  peach
10•  forbidden                                                                             20•  foundation 

You could do a photograph series on what it means to be a 'delicacy' for different individuals, or you could share a blog post on your last carousel ride at a local fairground, or you could write a short story in which the protagonist uses a basin for an unusual function. Be as literal or as figurative as you'd like! 

What do you use creative prompts for? What are you working on at the moment? Feel free to scroll through my other creative prompts for further inspiration. Otherwise, you can check out my other creative blog posts



  1. I love that you left them vague on purpose. I'm in serious need of some creativity, especially on the blogging front and these prompts fit the bill perfectly. thank you!

    Eline |


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